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Lorna Firth

Energist, EFT Master Practitioner/trainer, Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist GoE licensed trainer. Licensed Hypno Band Practitioner Mnemodynamic Therapist NLP Practitioner

Lorna is a highly experienced Energist, EFT Master Practitioner and  UK qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist having been in practice for over 15 years. She is committed to continual professional self development to enhance her therapy and training skills. Lorna presents training in Positive Energy EFT Introduction/Facilitator, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner, MSM Facilitator. Energy EFT Foundation, MSM foundation.All trainings are presented with integrity and compassion at her home/practice in Anarita, Cyprus. She encourages clients and students towards self empowerment and to take  control of their lives, thoughts, actions thus  providing emotional wellbeing.

Lorna's Therapy specialities are:

Smoking Cessation/habits Phobias/anxiety Weight Loss with Hypnoband ( Virtual Gastric Band) Depression Modern Stress Management



GoE Trainer


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Wendy Fry  Modern Energy Trainer, facilitator, author and speaker specialises in working with women, children and teens across a range of problems, in particular reducing stress, improving relationships and confidence and self esteem issues.  Wendy will gently guide you to achieve your personal goals and bring balance to your life in the areas that are important for you.

Wendy offers a range of individual, group and tailored services and support programmes including Modern Energy Trainings: Modern Stress Management Foundation and Professional Trainings, Modern Energy Healing - Hands of Power Trainings, Energy EFT/Modern Energy Tapping Foundation and Master Practitioner Trainings, EMO (Energy-in-Motion) Trainings, Modern Energy Coaching, Modern Energy Dating Coaching and SuperMind Master Professional Training. 

Self-help foundation as well as professional GoE trainings are available specific to your preferred dates for 1-2-1 personalised training. If you prefer group trainings, check out the advertised dates under GoE courses.  Do contact for any questions you may have and to book your dates and trainings. 


Additional support is available using the modalities of Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy, Life & Personal Preformance Coaching, NLP, Picture Tapping Technique and Future Life Progression

If you have any issues or concerns in the following areas Wendy will be able to support you:

  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Relationships including improving communication
  • Family break-up, divorce & separation
  • Stress, anxiety & emotional overwhelm
  • Bereavement, grief and loss
  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Creating a thriving business
  • Releasing Trauma
  • Creating a loving relationship

 Please do make contact to arrange a discovery call to discuss your needs


Wendy shares with you her Special Report 'Shine Like the Star You Are' 

We are naturally all born to shine and if ever you doubted your ability as to what you can be, do or have this report will aid you in stepping into your greatness and shining like the star you are!  You are a star! 

Exercises in Shine Like the Star You Are! include bringing awareness to your unique gifts and talents and how they can best be applied in your life, business and relationships, dumping limiting beliefs once and for all, meeting your heart's needs, Modern Energy Star Art, Star Love, Star Reflections and bonus exercises including Your Heart Star, An Outdoor Adventure and Star Positives.

There has never been a better time to shine than NOW!


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Born in Germany in 1959, Silvia Hartmann has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1978. Hartmann is the original developer and creator of Modern Energy. 

In 1998, Silvia Hartmann created The GoE, the world's first certifying body for modern energy and begun the work to create a logical, wide reaching and cohesive training structure for modern energists from the ground up.

To this day, Silvia Hartmann continues to lead the GoE as president and to evolve the Third Field of MODERN Energy. 

Silvia Hartmann's favourite saying is "Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa."



My Story In Energy

By Silvia Hartmann

In the 1980s, I was working as a professional animal behaviourist and consultant. A part of this work involved original research, and the research project was to find the cause of "rage syndrome" in animals. This is when an animal - a companion animal, a zoo animal, a domesticated animal - attacks to kill, without warning and out of character for the individual.

The research team of which I was a member discarded one theory after the other. We worked scientifically and studied everything we could think of, from environmental toxins and poisons to genetic predisposition, food additives (for a long time, a high candidate for the "smoking gun"), inoculations, caretaking and more.

The trigger or actual cause for rage syndrome remained elusive for twelve long years - until the day I had a moment of enlightenment, and I found not only a research direction which had been entirely overlooked, but the actual answer to how, why and when animals develop rage syndrome.

I realised that there is an invisible "something" being exchanged between social mammals, which is as important to their survival as is food and water. The presence or absence of this something drives every form of behaviour, including extreme survival behaviour. 

This something was what we now call energy; back then, I thought of it as love.

Energy - that invisible connection between social mammals - has EVERYTHING to do with how individuals behave.

When a social mammal becomes deprived of this energy, it will show incrementally more disturbed behaviours until there is a threshold shift and rage syndrome must manifest. Please note I am saying that it MUST manifest - this is structural, entirely systemic and will happen in any social mammal in a predictable fashion.

When I first realised this, it was like a lightning strike. The information was there all at once, and I knew I had cracked the problem of rage syndrome.

It was the effects of the absence of energy, an absence of love.

And so, on a beautiful August afternoon in 1993, my young past aspect went into the front room where her extensive animal behaviour library was housed at the time.

She took one book after the other off the shelves, and looked through each one, and she tried to find the word LOVE - but it wasn't in any of them.

The afternoon turned to evening, then to night, and there she sat, on the carpet, surrounded by a sea of books she could no longer read, and she knew that something had to be done to bring love back into science.

She knew that without love, without ENERGY, the world can never make any sense at all.

She went on to test her theory on love and attention as the drivers for behaviour, both good and bad behaviour, and created the "Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorder Scale" in 1993, described in "The Harmony Program."

The theory held; not only that, it produced a true flowering of new, more humane, more reasonable, more logical and at the same time, more loving techniques, methods, patterns and approaches.

It was obvious from the start that what the young animal behaviourist had discovered, also held for the other social mammals - humans.

And here we are, 25 years later (in 2018).

The Modern Energy Chart created by Silvia Hartmann

We now have the Modern Energy Chart, with its positive wing of potential beyond our wildest dreams.

We now have The Guild of Energists, a gathering of modern people who also want to have both love and logic to explain the Universe, and to live happier, more fabulous lives.

Modern Energy is the missing "Third Field" in the Mind, Body, Spirit triad. Modern energists are people who address that extraordinary component of actual reality, the worlds of energy.

Our methods are logical, provable, empowering and inspiring.

I personally know this.

The purer and more perfect love becomes, the more logical it becomes; and the same holds true for logic, which becomes ever more beautiful, ever more love filled and astonishing, the purer it becomes in turn.

There is a place where both become one and the same - not different sides of a coin, but actually one and the same.

Science is in desperate need of understanding love - understand energy, understanding emotion because without this, you cannot ever do pure science at all.

The practices of spirituality, likewise, are in desperate need of understanding logic - pure, perfect logic that is as profound as it is beautiful.

Modern energism is amazing, extraordinary and puts a sparkle on everything - it gives us back the whole world, the whole universe, and we get to live once more like a child, filled with wonder and full of grace, joy and amazement at this life of ours.

I want to make people happier. I want to make the world of man a better place.

Turn up the love.

Turn up the logic.

Forward to the new.

Silvia Hartmann

August 2018


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Sandra gained a BSc (Hons) in Physics from Manchester University, United Kingdom, and after a successful career in computing, discovered her passion for true physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She trained first as a Master Herbalist, which led her to the study of the emergent field of Energy Psychology in 2000, where she qualified first as a practitioner, then a trainer, and finally as a master trainer. Following her intensive work in private practice and having introduced thousands of people worldwide to the new concepts of energy and health, Sandra Hillawi is now being recognised as major contributor, driving force and acclaimed speaker, teacher and coach. The Love Clinic (DragonRising) was her first published work, expressing her heartfelt passion and desire to help people discover how to use the latest approaches to working with human mind, body and emotion so they can hurt less, love more and love better.

Sandra offers support and training from self help level consultations and VIP days through to Master Practitioner and Trainer level in MSM Modern Stress Management, Energy EFT , EMO Energy In Motion in the UK and internationally. Sandra also runs evolution, inspiration, healing and detox retreats in the UK and Egypt.

You are welcome to contact Sandra for a free initial mini consultation to assess your personal and professional aims and direction.


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Energy EFT For Teenagers by Paula Kennedy

Teenage life is stressful - here is a simple, profound method to release stress and start to shine.

In the thoroughly practical Energy EFT For Teenagers: The Simple Solution For Success & Happiness, Paula Kennedy gives us a real tool that mums, dads, teenagers, carers and teachers can use to reduce stress and improve performance quickly and profoundly.

Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie by Paula Kennedy
Energy EFT helps to release any negative feelings or emotions children may have and replaces them with positive ones.

Mia Monkey also teaches children ‘silent tapping’ if they are unable to talk about their feelings, thus opening a window to talk about it later when their Fears/Anxieties are under control. Mia Monkey and Charlie Chameleon help children with some of life’s little challenges so they can grow up feeling less stressed and anxious, and move forward in life with a little more confidence.


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Author of “Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance” and international lecturer on modern energy therapies and bodywork, Teresa E. Lynch, PT, DPT holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy, a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University.

Terry is the primary developer behind The Inner Awareness Method and is a Coach that uses the following Transformational Energy Techniques to assist her clients in achieving an expanded version of themselves for living life to the fullest!:

  • Trainer of Meridian & Energy Therapies
  • Inner Awareness Method
  • EFT Master Practitioner
  • Practitioner of Meridian & Energy Therapies, including EFT Level 2
  • Emotional Transformation (EmoTrance) Advanced Practitioner
  • Events Psychology Practitioner
  • Dream Building and Wellness Coach 
  • Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner
  • EMO Practitioner

The Inner Awareness Method

The Inner Awareness Method addresses the fundamental needs of both the client and practitioner to heal and be healed through the application of EmoTrance principles to hands on patient care. With guidance, the patient is empowered to identify and release energy blockages for pain relief.


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Angie Muccillo is a Complimentary Health Practitioner from Melbourne Australia, who is trained in Advanced EFT, Remedial Massage and Reiki Level II. Angie is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing and teaching others, including children, how to use Energy Therapies for emotional healing, personal development and to gain powerful relief from the physical and emotional stresses of everyday life.

Angie graduated from Monash University Gippsland (GIAE) in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology. She spent the following 15 years working in the disability field where she gained extensive experience in developing and implementing specialized education and training programs, assisting people with disabilities to develop life skills and access mainstream services.Angie has been practicing EFT on a personal level and training in its methods since 2002.

Angie currently conducts workshops in EFT and offers individual consultations for pain management, stress management, anxiety, self esteem, quit smoking, trauma, fears and phobias, children, parenting and pregnancy issues.


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Jimmy Petruzzi is a world renowned performance coach and NLP expert. For over 15 years he has worked with, and continues to work with, many top level athletes and teams. From Premiership footballers to Olympic athletes, Jimmy is able to help everyone achieve their peak performance in all aspects of life. 




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I am based near Southampton in Hampshire, on the edge of the New Forest, I can offer you:

  • One-one consultations to shift your life into a more positive and productive phase, with experienced use of Energist methods such as EFT, EMO, Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching.
  • Professional quality training in a full range of GoE courses, build your portfolio of training as quickly or as slowly as suits you.
  • Mentoring for Trainers and Practitioners in person, by phone or SKYPE: everyone can benefit from getting to the heart of the matter, personal or business, with someone who will respect your confidentiality and individuality.
  • Mastermind process for that additional support and help that we all need occasionally.

I believe that we all need to take personal responsiblity for our lives, our healing and our personal development, so learning some Energist skills will, in my opinion, help you to move your life forward in more positive ways. I have been using these skills myself since first learning EFT and Emotrance in 2005 and have been training others in them since becoming an AMT  Trainer 2008 and a Trainer of Trainers in 2012.
I have been a member of Silvia Hartmann's personal Energist Research Group/VIP forum since 2009 and in that same year I was one of a small group who qualified as a Practitioner of Events Psychology with Silvia

EFT and Energist Training at Hampshire EFT Training

I enjoy watching new students make rapid progress with EFT and I teach in such a way that makes it easy to learn even the seemingly most complex principles.  I am now generally teaching the EFT Master Practitioner over 4 days which gives you even more time to absorb and work with these amazing techniques, taking the EFT Foundation Course is now mandatory before taking the Master Practitioner.

I can take you from complete beginner all the way through to GoE Trainer. I specialise in teaching small groups or individuals and training can be easily arranged on a flexible basis to fit in with your lifestyle, I am available to teach at your venue if you have a group who want to learn.

One of my particular favourites is the new Trainers training, a great fun course for both students and trainer and a fantastic personal development option.
The next step is to speak to me about where you want to go and how we can work together to get you there, with me there are few things set in concrete, flexibilly is the word.

Taking some courses via SKYPE or Zoom is also an option.

I provide specialist single topic workshops of your choice, which include such topics as money, healing and wellbeing, success, relationships to name a few.

Take a look at the training dates below, but do remember I can start your training at a date and time that suits you with flexible training so....

Telephone or email today to start your transformative learning process today.

Distance Learning

One of  my favourite things is that I am the Distance Learning Tutor of the highly successful GoE course Energy Healing for Animals which is only available from the GoE
This is a super course for anyone with an interest in Energy Work and helping animals.

Conference Presentations
2015  Energy Healing for Animals
2016 Storytelling, Awaken Your Inner Storyteller.
2017 Being Authentically You in Your Energist Business.

Private Client Work with Saphire Therapy

I have spent a number of years researching and studying different types of healing, spiritual and personal development.

I specialise in brief, solution focussed energy work that utilises all the engergist skills that I have acquired, and also includes hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching  that together are a formidable and potent force to help you achieve the personal changes that you, as the client, want in your life for your wellbeing and benefit.  We will work with the present to integrate the past and empower the future.

This includes the powerful process of changing limiting beliefs about ourselves and our capacities so transforming your life to the one you want.

Various session packages are available to fit your unique needs.

Transformatative consultations can be done via SKYPE or telephone so wherever you are in the world you can still.

I will be training Silvia Hartmann's flagship Supermind Course 
Live throughout the summer months.

One to One VIP half or full days to explore how you can improve different area of your life.

Why not get in touch with Barbara to find out how she can help you.

I live within a few minutes of junction 2 of the M27 which means I am within driving distance of Bournemouth, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke and Reading and Newbury



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Ananga Sivyer is a UK based ayurvedic expert, who is best known in the meridian energy community for her book “The Art & Science of EFT”. Alongside her work with EFT, she’s also known for being the music artist behind collaborations with Silvia Hartmann, as well as her own albums.

For further information:


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Jen Smith AKA That Beast Jen is a freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer living in Eastbourne and working in Brighton. Jen specialises in children's book illustrations, bespoke character & logo design, and adorable plush toys, and is skilled in working with traditional drawing, digital vector illustrations and image manipulation.


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William Taylor is a world class musician and Emotional Transformation trainer.


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Hello… I’m Sally Topham and I’m an Energy Therapist and writer based in West Hampstead (London NW6).

Through working with Reiki, EFT and EmoTrance, my mission is to provide you with the space to be heard without judgement, guide you towards a place of peaceful ease and balance, help you dissolve negative thoughts and patterns, and support you in making changes and developing new horizons.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, stuck, challenged, stressed, or wounded as I’ve been in those places myself at different times in my life. But once I realised there was no shame or weakness in asking for help, it was easier than I thought to reach out to compassionate therapists and teachers who were able to support me through areas of difficulty and out the other side. I rejoice in the fact that with their help I’ve liberated myself from many limiting beliefs which held me back and prevented me from moving on in my life. In doing so I’ve learnt lots of skills and techniques with which I continue to help myself – and others!

The self-help book I’ve written called Finding the River – The Energy Self-Help Manual for Surviving Life’s Challenges is the result of these years of working on myself and helping my clients and students. I’ve also recently released a CD of the most popular Meditations & Healing Techniques from the book.

I’d like you to experience a taster of how working with me can help by offering you a FREE short guided meditation which can help you lift your mood and regain a sense of peace and well-being. Just contact me to receive it.

I will be delighted to hear from you to book a session or book a place on one of my trainings.


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Hello and Welcome!

"I help Energists to step into their greatness through coaching and training. MY goal for you and your life is +10."

Hi, my name is Jorge Vence and I AM an Energist & Trainer with the GoE.

I would like to ask you some questions:


Do you feel…

You are meant to be helping and empowering other people so they live a fantastic and great life?

You are meant to do great things with your life, much more than you are currently doing?

You are tired of your current job and you want a career change?

You want to make a difference in the world, in your life and the lives of those you know?

You want to help others to love and accept themselves, and evolve?




Do you…

Want to heal your past and the way you feel about it?

Want to let go of unwanted limiting beliefs and decisions?

Want to grow as a person and in every area of your life?

Want to inspire people you meet?

Want to have a set of tools to keep track of your states and how to best deal with them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/EMO (Energy In Motion)/MSM (Modern Stress Management) can help you achieve just that in any of these areas, and some more too.

Way before discovering about Modern Energism and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques I was looking for a therapy/tool that could enable me to use my coaching/cognitive skills alongside my spiritual tools, I just didn’t know how. Although, I was doing it I felt I could much more.

Then, one day, almost as if by magic I was told about this life changing and transformative technique called EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques; at the time I was not looking for a training, I was curious enough to find out more about, and that was it.

These 3 letters stayed in my, and I came across a training that was taking place a few days later. I slept on it and the very next day I had enrolled in this training.

The rest as they say is history.

Training to become an Energy EFT Master Practitioner opened so many doors, I was able to learn how to incorporate my cognitive and spiritual tools into a more holistic and “natural” way.

I discovered how to “play” even more with my 6th sense as I was letting go of unwanted memories, behaviours and habits.

Everything seemed to make sense and I was healing and become whole again. My memories and wounds from the past had no control over me. What I was offering to my clients had no comparison I was getting better results than ever before. 

I would be lying if I denied how much I love the material and trainings from the Guild of Energists; it simply is the most up to date and cutting edge training out there.

During this journey I have become so inspired by the evolution created with these simple techniques, EFT, EMO (Energy in Motion), Positive EFT, Modern Stress Management, Project Sanctuary and The Genius Symbols are incredible life changing and empowering tools that I decided to become a trainer with the GOE.

Nowadays I train in Energy EFT Foundation, Positive EFT, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner and Modern Stress Management; I work with people wanting to become practitioners and Businesses which desire to offer a “stress-free” environment for their employees.

Modern Energy Work, Modern Energism are simple to use techniques that can be done by anyone, anywhere and achieve longer and lasting results, promoting evolution and growth in any area of your life.

There has never been a better time to become and Energist and train in these life enhancing skills.

If you want an even more magical, love-filled life why not get started now. 


The trainings I offer are:

Energy EFT Foundation (Pre-requisite for the EFT Master Practitioner Training),

Positive EFT,

EFT Master Practitioner,

EMO (Energy In Motion) Master Practitioner, 

Modern Stress Management Foundation (Pre-requisite for the Modern Stress Management Professional Training),

Modern Stress Management Professional,

Energy Coach Professional (co-author), and

SuperMind Master.


These training are taught in small groups or on a 1-2-1 basis, live and on skype.

If, like I was, you are looking for a “tool” to take your coaching/therapy practice to the next level or if you are looking for a powerful “self-help” tool to use on yourself regularly, get in touch and let’s discuss what options are best for you.

I look forward to hearing from real soon.




Here is a short list of my Qualifications:

CMI Chartered Manager,              

NLP Master & Trainer,

EFT Master & Trainer (incl. foundation),

EMO Master & Trainer,

Modern Stress Management Facilitator & Trainer (incl. foundation),       

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner,         

Positive EFT Practitioner & Trainer,         

Reiki Master Teacher,         

Seichem Master Teacher,         

Crystalline Reiki Master Teacher,         


These are the Professional Bodies I am part of:

ANLP – The Association for NLP, member since April 2015;      

GoE – The Guild of Energists, member since January 2015;      

RASA – Reiki and Seichem Association, member since August 2014;      

UK Reiki Federation, member since March 2014;      

The Guild of Holistic Therapies, member since March 2014;      

ILM – Institute of Leadership & Management, member since February 2014;      



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Welcome to my profile...

It is my mission to help children and adults, to create the abilities or the healing they need and to make trust this power of Love and creativity within them.

Since years I work in healing and personal development of children and adults, in form of personal treatments by skype, workshops, courses, retreats and trainings. I developed projects based on stress management and healing, like "Soquaki“ for children or "Arspacem“ for adults.

I am ready to help you with:

Personal developement
Learning difficulties

EFT Trainings
ET Trainings
Workshops and Courses

Master of Project Sanctuary
Energy EFT Master Practitioner
EMO Practitioner
Genius Symbol Reader
GoE Trainer

Ilka Wandel
skypename: ilkawandel


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Jon Whale, PhD, is an independent research scientist working exclusively on medical applications. He is also a psychologist, graphologist, electronic design and development engineer, and an organic chemist. Currently he is engaged in designing and manufacturing electronic Energy Medicine instruments for doctors and other medical professionals. Some of his former projects included the design and development of X-ray image intensifiers, lasers, medical scanners, nerve-pulse stimulus and biofeedback instruments. Jon Whale lives in England where he continues his research and design work in Electronic Energy Medicine.


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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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