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DragonRising is proud of our product range and is keen to encourage our customers to promote our products with there clients, friends, mailing lists & online communities. To this extent  we have created an attractive affiliate program which rewards people who recommend our products inclusive in the scheme. We also offer fantastic quantity discounts with bonuses if you are a member of EmoTrance or the AMT.

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Affiliate Program

Earn 30% commission by recommending our products on your website. Our webservers log where customers come from and if that happens to be your website you have registered with us then you will earn commission on that sale. For a technical guide to making links please see here.

Monthly if the agreed limit has been reached (usually 50) then we will send the money to you via the online payment processor paypal [ ]. If not then the balance is transferred to the next month. We calculate our finances in GBP but since paypal supports CAD, EUR, JPY & USD we are happy to pay out in those currencies too.

Simply complete this online form and we will get in touch when your account has been set up. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note: DragonRising reserves the rights to change details of its affiliate program upon 14 days notice to our registered affiliates. Under exceptional circumstances we also reserve the right to cancel an affiliate account at any time.

Resellers & Retailers Discounts

We offer the following discounts on quantity purchases of our paperback products*. The discounts quoted relate to quantity purchases of a single title:

Quantity: Standard AMT / EmoTrance Practitioners AMT / EmoTrance Trainers
1+ 0% 0% 0%
3+ 30% 40% 50%
20+ 40% 45% 50%
100+ 50% 50% 50%

Our online ordering systems are not yet smart enough to handle quantity discounts so please contact us here to make your order 'offline'.

* Due to a change in printers, we are currently unable to give a discount higher than 35% on our title 'The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom' by Ananga Sivyer.

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