Affiliates Guide: Linking to DragonRising

There are three ways for affiliates to link to DragonRising. If you need to set up an affiliate account with us, please fill out this form.If you are a DragonRising member then login now to customise this page to you. Logged in members have the forms filled out for them and also shows them the discount level they are entitled to for quantity orders.

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Linking to DragonRising From Your Website

If you put an html link on your website to any of the pages on our site:.

Examples: or or etc

Then we will extract the referrer information from the customer.

This system is good for when you just want to generally link to us and also hides any referrer information. If this isn't a priority then we recommend you use the following method:

Linking to DragonRising Using an Affiliate Code (For Sending Email, etc)

This method doesn't rely on the customer visiting from a website and hence is good for: Email, Mailing Lists, Postal Mail, etc.

Examples using affiliate code SAMPLE_CODE001 (substitute this with your own affiliate code!): or or etc

Your affiliate code is separate to the websites you have listed with us and is normally in the format SAMPLE_CODE<sequence of numbers>, eg: SAMPLE_CODE001. The number behind the initial characters can be anything of your choosing. This is helpful for when you want to analyse the response for different campaigns in your sales report.

Add A Product Directly to DragonRising's Shopping Cart

If there was a particular product you wanted to link to in our catalogue then we offer special links to add them directly into the customers shopping basket. This system allows you to set options such as item quantity and also the currency the customers basket should be displayed in.

Another advantage of this system is when linking to products from an Email or when you have already 'sold' the product to the customer and want to reduce the number of clicks to payment.

Be wary of advertising the prices of a product as the conversion rate from GBP to the target currency does vary. However, we have reduced minor fluctuations in converted prices by snapping foreign currencies to the nearest .95 units. eg: $2.04 goes to $1.95, $12.65 goes to $12.95, etc. We also reserve the right to change our prices.

Format of the URL:[offer_id]/[quantity],[currency=GBP|USD|EUR],[affiliate_code]


[offer_id] The numeric code of the offer you wish to add into the users basket. A listing of offer ids can be found here. This needs to be a valid offer_id or the user will be shown an error page.


Adventures in EFT (Paperback) = 1
Living Energy (Paperback) = 2

[quantity] Set the quantity of this offer to be added to the basket. If no value is entered then the default is 1
[currency] This can either be 'GBP' or 'USD' or 'EUR'. If no value is entered then our website will try and guess the customers location and currency based on there IP address. We find that offering a product to a customer in there own currency increases the chance of a sale.
[affiliate_code] The affiliate code to be stored in the customers session. We use pattern matching on these codes to determine which affiliate account to accredit the customer to.


Example 1: Add 3 copies of 'Adventures in EFT' paperback. Set the customers basket to United States Dollars (USD). Set the affiliate code of the customers session to 'SAMPLE_CODE001'. The URL would be:,USD,SAMPLE_CODE001

Example 2: Add 1 copy of the package 'MindMillion (eBook) + MindMillion Activator (Audio Download)'. Quantity defaults to 1. Currency defaults to the customers locational currency. Set the affiliate code of the customer session to 'SAMPLE_CODE001'. The URL would be:,,SAMPLE_CODE001

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