A brief message to compliment and thank the co-ordinators,presenters and tutors of the fast track practitioner course and conference 23rd to 25th April incl. I look forward to using my skills in my practice, actually I began yesterday with a student doing final exams at second level. Im so impressed with your structure, its balanced, practical, empowering and un-complicated in delivery to clients. Yours thankfully,

Tim J, Ireland - 2010 Delegate

Hello Dear Ones, I am back to France and still having the Conference energy in my bones. It was simply wonderful and I want to thank the organizers and speakers and simply everybody who assisted at the conference for the beautiful energy of joy and love we created together. It is rare that I feel this kind of freedom in a group - it felt like family in the best sense of the word. I want to give a special Thank You to Silvia and Nicola, whom I had the occasion to meet for a quite long talk in the last moment. I feel highly encouraged to grow beyond my limits now and made already the first steps for putting my legs and healing hands out of my snail shell. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all,

Annette, France - 2010 Delegate

I 100% concur that ET10 was fantastic and I am really heartened to be a part of this fantastic energy community of support, growth and love. I feel so blessed to be able to share it with my teenage daughter as no doubt Silvia has felt about sharing it with her fantastic sons and wish more mum's could do the same. Hope everyone got home safely and see you all again soon.

Kim Bradley, UK - 2010 Presenter

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone again ET2010 was the best conference yet! All our speakers were really amazing with fabulous inspiration for our business and personal development.

Sandra Hilliaw, UK - 2010 MC & Presenter

Thank you all for a wonderful conference. You were the best audience ever and I loved every minute of my presentation, thank you for being so brave and going for it!

Baya Salmon-Hawk, UK - 2010 Presenter

Thank you all for a great weekend. As a fairly new EMOr, it is the first time I meet with so many people with the same interest in this fantastic technique. I learnt a lot and had a fab time!

Inger Lise, UK - 2010 Delegate

I really gained a great deal from this years Conference. Today, my energy is flowing in these "Ocean's of Energy". I am in even flow with the warmth of gratitude flowing through me; I am so grateful for the opportunity to present the theories that have come about practising EMO in the clients that I serve. Swirls of love, light and joy to those that made this possible,

Teresa Lynch, USA - 2010 Presenter

A wonderful weekend really enjoyed myself and met some lovely people. Thank-you,

Mary Grace, UK - 2010 Delegate

What a wonderful experience and it was so lovely to be together again. I never get tired of the conferences. Every year there is like an opening up of new and more wonderful worlds in which EMO is such a natural part. I loved all the workshops and giving one. Thank you all for your love and encouragement. I look forward each year to the Conference and now we have the Energy Psychology to look forward to. With love and blessings,

Margarita Foley,  UK - 2010 Presenter

Want to say how FAB! the whole conference was and wonderful to be with like minded individuals where we can discuss ways to try and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole and bring personal peace to those that are looking for it. I am really looking forward the the Conference in November.

Andrea, UK - 2010 Delegate

Thank you all for a superb time at the EMO Conference and Trainers Training. It was brilliant and an honour to meet Silvia Hartmann the Creator of EMO along with Nicola Quinn who played a very important role in this. The guest speakers were superb and a real inspiration with all the wonderful tips, techniques and new ideas.

Linda, UK - 2010 Delegate

Best wishes and thanks to everyone "on the Team" for a wonderful weekend - I met some lovely people and also learned a great deal.

Judie, UK - 2010 Delegate

I would like to thank everyone for making the EMO Conference a wonderful experience for me. I really came not expecting anything and left with a wealth of information and a network of wonderfully beautiful people from many countries. I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Naela, USA - 2010 Delegate

EMO 2010: Relaxed, friendly, informative and inspirational. A great opportunity to hear from others and reflect on my own understanding and practice with like-minded people.

Chris, UK - 2010 Delegate

I was lucky to make it to the Conference from Dublin - and I had a wonderful time. Alex: you made it all flow so perfectly that it all looked easy! That's when things have been done really well. Congratulations and many thanks.

Clíona, UK - 2010 Delegate

My first Emo Trance conference and it was brilliant. Everyone was friendly, speakers were hands on. Really enjoyed the group work, self healing always a bonus. Definitely want more, looking forward to next year and will stay longer, felt I missed out by not being there on the Friday. Big thanks to everyone for making it a fab experience, with lots of learning.

Tricia, UK - 2010 Delegate

I left the Conference with a vision of my lovely EMO Family in my heart and a vision of the person I am when I flow within the flow... Thanks all!

Baya Salmon-Hawk, UK - 2010 Presenter