23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels - NEW Title by Jorge Vence

23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels - NEW Title by Jorge Vence

Author, Life Coach, Mind Awakener and GoE Energist Trainer Jorge Vence will pass on his infectious zest for life and Energy Raising skills, in his new book 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels. Personal stories and anecdotes will take you on a journey of enlightenment, and a deeper understanding of the importance of raising your energy.

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Energy is everything and when we feel happy and energised magical things happen, our stress levels fall and we become everything we wish we could be and more.

So how do we unlock this amazing potential? We raise our energy levels!

In 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy, you will be taken through a range of Easy Energy Raising ideas and techniques. Supported by a detailed explanation of the Modern Energy SUE Scale, how to read your energy levels and how to incorporate this into your everyday life.

Suitable for both the Energy aware and those who wish to learn, 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels will change the way you see the world and how you live within it. Gaze at the stars, climb that mountain and dance in the rain. Raise your Energy Levels and feel alive.


GoE President Silvia Hartman writes:

"23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels" is a brilliant invitation to find ever more fascinating ways to make the most out of life. There is no reason for any of us to be permanently stressed, unloved and unlucky. The Oceans of Energy provide all the nourishment we could ever need.

We do have to make a conscious decision though to make it our goal and our heartfelt desire to live in the light, instead of trembling in the shadows. We can get started with 23 ways to raise our energy - and with a bit of practice, and a will to get higher, the trickle becomes a stream, a river of life itself and we discover infinite, wonderful, creative ways to get energy high, and stay that way. 




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