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July 2014 - Newsletter

July 2014 - Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2014 edition of the DragonRising newsletter

This month we're basking in the glorious summer sunshine, lying back on our deck chairs and reading The Energist: The GoE's new print magazine. We're also offering you 50% off Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Silvia Hartmann, which comes complete with the Magic Garden Meditation, the perfect pick-me-up for these lazy summer days.

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Introducing The Energist

The Energist

The Energist is The GoE's new quarterly journal, and DragonRising were delighted to assist in its creation, putting our publishing expertise to good use.

Featuring exclusive content, including case stories, interviews, articles and more, The Energist is a must read for anyone interested in the world of energy healing. It's only available to AMT Members, but with membership starting from just £25.00 a year there's no reason everyone can't get a copy!

Over on The GoE's Facebook page you can see the #EnergistSelfies that members have been taking with their copies of the magazine. Have you taken yours?


Excel at Business Featured in InBusiness Magazine


Jimmy Petruzzi's latest title, Excel at Business, has featured in InBusiness magazine, Ireland's business quarterly. Reviewed in the Books on Biz section where they “look at the latest business books offering great insight for executives, budding entrepreneurs, and other professionals seeking to acquire business skills and knowledge.”


David Mitchell Publishes Story Live Online, Echoing Silvia Hartmann's The Dragon Lords

David Mitchell Twitter

In 2012, DragonRising's Silvia Hartmann became the first author to write a full length novel live online, with thousands of people watching every keystroke, every word, every chapter come to life.

Since then, many authors have begun to do similar online stunts to help promote their work. The latest is none other than 2-time Booker Prize short-listed author David Mitchell, who's best known work Cloud Atlas has sold millions of copies worldwide and is now a feature film starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

Mitchell's attempt at digital innovation is publishing a serialised short story, specially written in 140-character bursts, on the social media platform Twitter. The Story, The Right Sort, is narrated by a teenage boy who discovers the drug valium.

Silvia Hartmann's project, which was called "the best technological-literary stunt in recent memory" by The New Yorker, used Google Drive, a cloud based technology that lets users share documents. This way, viewers could see the words appear in front of their eyes as Silvia typed. The Naked Writer project, as it became known, culminated in the release of the novel The Dragon Lords and a glitzy launch party at Google's UK headquarters in London.


EFT & Energy Conference – Pre & Post Conference Trainings Announced

EFT & Energy Conference

Last month we were delighted to announce that The GoE have released the line-up of top-notch Presenters for their 2014 International Energy Conference, including several DragonRising authors. Now they've announced the pre- and post-Conference Trainings.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Introduction to EFT / Positive EFT with Alex Kent - 31st October
  • Master Energist with Silvia Hartmann - 29th to 31st October
  • EFT Master Practitioner with Wendy Birse - 29th to 31st October
  • Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner with Sandra Hillawi - 29th to 31st October
  • AMT Energist Trainer with Silvia Hartmann - 3rd and 4th November
  • BSFF with Alfred Heath - 3rd November (Self-Help) or 3rd and 4th November (Practitioner)


Free Download Focus – Introduction to Energy Dancing with Silvia Hartmann

Energy Dancing

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate that with a little dance? In Energy Dancing, Silvia Hartmann shows the magic of dance when done with energy in mind. By using the movement of your body and the relaxing power of music you can get your energy flowing quickly, making you happier and healthier. For a real treat, pop your headphones in and have and Energy Dance round the garden in the sunshine. What could be better?

This Free Download is the Introduction to Energy Dancing. You can get the full experience with either Energy Dancing Volume 1 or Energy Dancing Volume 2: The Sacred Horse. Both downloads are in our Summer Sale with % off!


Positive EFT Case Story – Bite The Positives!

Positive EFT Case Story

We always like to showcase case stories on the healing modalities that we publish titles on, as it gives you the condfidence to know that these are all being used by people around the world to make their lives better.

In this mini case story, Nell Mezir details a case were she used Positive EFT to help a 9 year old boy who was biting his nails. After using a gentle approach, a little laughter and being mindful of the language used, a traumatic event is revealed.

Nelly writes: Recently I did some work with a 9 year old boy, who had issue with biting his nails.

Since he was only 9 my choice of wording needed to take this into account. What is most important with this age group is to listen to their language, they cannot understand the word stress or EFT. Having that in mind I noticed that he is very nervous. I understood this was most likely because firstly he did not know what to expect from session and secondly my Russian accent! So I made a joke about my accent and asked him to sit in my recliner, which he liked a lot.

I ask permission to hold on his hand and introduced him to tapping by showing him how it would feel when I tapped. Then I asked him about his favourite colour and what he likes to do. When he answered that he likes drawing I understood that this boy is visually minded. I asked him to imagine a balloon in his favourite colour blue flying away and gently started to tap on being nervous.

As he relaxed he told me that he and his father had been in a car accident. He got his leg trapped and he was afraid that he would die. He said that he started to bite his nails right after the accident and he was biting them when he was nervous, at home and at school. So we tapped on fear and feelings of being trapped and after he released those we got to the nails.

I brought him back to the flying away balloon and we started to tap on the pain in his hands as a result of him biting his nails. After that I asked him to imagine his hands healthy and we tapped on that. Finally we tapped on how he will be happy when he has healthy nails and how good everybody will feel, including him. He had a very strong connection to his mum and making her happy was very important to him.

As a result of this session he has stopped biting his nails almost completely. His mum reported that from biting them all day long, it diminished to 3-4 times a day. So I saw him once more to reinforce success, and the positive healthy feeling of no more nail biting. The last update was that he had stopped the habit completely.

This was such fantastic news, and I found the whole processes fascinating to work with.


Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews

The lovely bit of the newsletter, where we showcase our lovely customers saying lovely things about our lovely products. Lovely!

This month's highlights include:

I am an EFT practitioner and have been introduced to positive EFT recently, it feels awesome and has really helped to keep the lift out of possible depression thoughts at bay and helped me to move forwards and feel great on a daily and hourly basis. What's lovely is that you an do it at any time and instantly feel better.
- Mrs. Shirley Joffe, Amazon Customer

“Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann has really opened my eyes to what is really possible using EFT. My copy of the book after just a few weeks already looks like it's years old and has been read by hundreds of people. I've learned so much from this book.”
- Sunshine Coach

“Unit 6 of 12 "Working with Aspects" has been a very strong positive change in my life for me personally. I am super grateful”
- Anonymous EFT Master Practitioner Student

“Thanks Silvia Hartmann for this brilliant book Positive EFT. I have found it inspiring to read and have enjoyed the benefits of using EFT in this way.”
- Mary Llewellyn


Save 50% Off Aromatherapy For Your Soul


This newsletter has mentioned summer and the sun far more than is decent already, but the sunshine is here in the UK for such a short time it seems a shame not to. So, to help you celebrate the warming rays even better, we're offering 50% off the ebook of Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Silvia Hartmann, and 20% off the print book.

This beautifully presented full colour book introduces 121 stunning Aromatherapy Essential Oils & explains their purposes for our energetic, spiritual and emotional health in a totally different way, plus comes with the Magic Garden Meditation to let you walk in a magical garden no matter the weather.


I hope you have enjoyed this month's edition of the DragonRising newsletter as much as we've been enjoying the spectacular sunshine here in the UK. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch here.

Wishing you a great July,


Josh Alliston

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