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March 2014 - Newsletter

March 2014 - Newsletter

Welcome to the March 2014 edition of the DragonRising newsletter. This month we say farewell to CDs and hello to a massive 50% discount on the EMO book. We've also got the Free Download Focus, this month a teleclass on the Magic of Books by Silvia Hartmann and as always we have the Latest Reviews from around the web...

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News – Farewell to DragonRising CDs

Farewell to CDs

As of Monday 10th March 2014, we said a fond farewell to CDs as we have discontinued them from our catalogue in an effort streamline our product range and embrace the digital revolution. All our audio titles, from Energy Dancing to Beautiful Calm, from Far Journeys to Finding the River Guided Meditations, are still available to purchase as high-quality MP3 Downloads, perfect for listening to on your computer, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. We will still be offering DVDs and CDs that are bundled with a book (eg Tapping for Kids).


News – Energy EFT Reaches 35 Reviews on Amazon.co.uk

Energy EFT

Energy EFT, the definitive guide to modern Emotional Freedom Techniques, by Silvia Hartmann this month reached a fabulous 35 reviews on Amazon.co.uk. This, combined with the dozens of fantastic reviews we've received directly from customers and those posted on other websites, shows the love that Energy EFT is receving from readers and the gratitude from all those thousands the technique has helped.

Here are just a few of our favourites from Amazon.co.uk:

“All you need to know about EFT. Well written and clear to understand. The definitive book on the subject.”
- 123, Amazon UK Customer

“I find the layout of the book very pleasing and easy to follow. It has a nice print and this varies throughout the book, making it easy to remember information in general as well as locating it within the book at a later date. All the information is broken down in lots of easy to follow sections and the use of bullet points makes key points easy to remember. I particularly like the little bold [attention!] summaries, making you take notice about what you have just read. These little summaries are also brilliant for quick reference and very easy to spot, if you want to quickly check something. The other very helpful sections in the book to me are the example 'set ups' known in the book as Freedom Spells, as well as the list of Positive Energy Forms able to tap on. Sometimes you just need a little prompt to think of particular ones and these lists are perfect for a quick reference. The SUE Scale bookmark is brilliant, as it is concise and laminated, so very durable. It is very visual and has all the information on there for quick reference. You can carry it with you in bag, briefcase, your car or use it as a bookmark in any book, so you always have this to hand. I would recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in learning more about EFT or who just wants this for their own personal use.”
- Gonini, Amazon UK Customer

“This book is an excellent resource for the beginner to use to help themselves begin to deal with their emotional issues and it also makes a really good primer for students thinking of taking further EFT training courses. It is easy to read with nice bite size chunks so you can dip in and out as you like. It introduces the reader to the concept of tapping past zero into a positive state, up to +10, after clearing the emotional stress. Well worth a read and to keep handy as an ongoing reference.”
- B G Saph, Amazon UK Customer


Get Ready for the EMO Master Practitioner Course – Save 30% Off EMO by Silvia Hartmann

EMO The innaugural EMO Master Practitioner course with Silvia Hartmann takes place next month at the Europa Gatwick Hotel, London. If you're not familiar with EMO (or EMO – Energy In Motion as it is now becoming known as), then we've got the perfect introductory offer for you – 50% off the ebook and 30% off the paperback of EMO by Silvia Hartmann.

This book has everything you need to know about EMO, including simple techniques you can use for personal development like you've never experienced before. It's also required reading for the new Master Practitioner course, so if you were considering attending this is a great way to get ready and save money.


Article - Energy In Motion: The Evolution of EMO by Silvia Hartmann

Energy In Motion

We are very much celebrating EMO (or Energy In Motion as it is now known) this month. As Silvia Hartmann puts it "Energy In Motion has revolutionised the way we think about energetic relationships, finally explained what emotions are, what the 6th Sense truly is, and created the concept of THE ENERGIST."

In this article Silvia explains the evolution of Energy In Motion, and why it is such an important part of modern energy work. Well worth reading, and it also includes a break-down of the new Energy In Motion Master Practitioner course.


Free Download Focus – The Magic of Books Teleclass with Silvia Hartmann

The Magic of Books

This month's Free Download Focus is a great teleclass recorded by Silvia Hartmann in the summer of 2010, as part of the build up to the release of the first edition of The Rich & Healthy Witch. In this download, Silvia explains basics of books as magical objects, tools for magic, and energy objects, and it contains a number of simple EMO exercises you can do with your own favourite books to start unlocking "the magic of books" for yourself and in a whole new way.


Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews

Here's the part of the newsletter that gives you a break down of some of our favourite reviews from the last month. There are some great ones this month!

“LOVE EFT is absolutely great. It was so fascinating to learn more about the different "aspects" of love.

To read and to think about these aspects opened doors inside, helped me to get a different point of view and a better understanding of other people.
But to be honest – it makes me think about the way I love or better said how I "think about - feel - live" love.

There is a lot of work to do with POSITIVE EFT and LOVE EFT Silvia gives us something wonderful and precious to work with.

Especially in a time when most people are focussed on negative things. And to work with positive energy is much more fun than always complaining and always thinking who I can blame for my misery.”
- Birgit Hueckel, Germany (Love EFT and Positive EFT)

“BIG Ted comes in a small format paperback, easy to read and use. Would recommend to anyone... definitely just the job for kids, clear and thorough explanation!”
- Ms. F. Dilston, Amazon UK Customer (BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping)

“Love EFT is so beautiful, Silvia! Each word feels like gentle encouragement to tap along with you and be guided along the journey to evolve stuck aspects relating to love. To know what it is meant by the words themselves and also what it means to feel by way of positive energy flow.”
- Kelly Burch, Australia (Love EFT)


Article – Autism & Energy by Kelly Burch

Kelly Burch

Kelly Burch, Energist and Tutor of the EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, has carried out research on the links between Autism and disturbances in the Energy body. and has designed some techniques to help work with children with Autism.

Kelly writes: Every human has an energy body. It's an invisible system that is associated with emotions as well as physical sensations without physical cause. This system has been used to treat a variety of different conditions and has been involved in wellness in many ancient cultures. The energy body has been the focus of many different methods and attempts to discover more about how this system works and how we can use it for our best benefit.


News - A Positive a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Gold Heart

Over on the EFT Group on Facebook, Silvia Hartmann is posting a Positive a day to help you keep your energies flowing. With 12,000 members, the group is really buzzing, and with everyone tapping on the same Positive we're able to get great feedback and discuss results and ideas.

Come join in the fun!


Wishing you a wonderful rest of March,


Josh Alliston
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