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May 2014 - Newsletter

May 2014 - Newsletter

Welcome to the May 2014 edition of the DragonRising newsletter.

This month we're delighted to announce a brand new live training with Silvia Hartmann called Marketing For Energists, which shows the shortcomings of classical marketing practices and explains how you can use your understanding of Energy to grow your business. We also have news of an event that will put Positive EFT into the hands of thousands of people, and the usual array of wonderful customer reviews and case stories. Enjoy!

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News – Positive EFT at Mind Body Spirit Festival, London

Mind Body Spirit

Positive EFT is the perfect introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques simply because it doesn't require digging around in past traumas in order to be effective. Anyone on the street, regardless of whether they've any understanding of Energy or not, can tap on a Positive and experience a profound effect. No deep questions, no complicated psychological questions, no re-living painful memories. Just positivity.

That's why The GoE are taking hundreds of copies of Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann along to the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Earl's Court, London, later this month. If you're in the area we really recommend you head along, say hi, and pick up a copy of this wonderful little book.


News - Philippines Edition of BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping


DragonRising have teamed up with The GoE to give away free-of-charge 1,000 copies of BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping: Positive EFT for Children which has been specially translated into Filipino, Waray & Bisaya languages so that Sebastiaan van der Schrier and his tapping team can give them away to children affected by the typhoon. They'll also include the original English translation so they'll be able to hand them out all over the country knowing that they'll bring emotional freedom to those who are still suffering in the super-hurricane's wake. We wish Sebastiaan, the trainers and BIG Ted all the best on their mission.


Events – 6 Months Until AMT14

EFT & Energy Conference

There are now less than six months until the GOE's EFT & Energy Conference, the first at their new home of The Eastbourne Centre.

The schedule has not yet been announced, but we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at just a few of the presenters and we can tell you that it is a fantastic line-up with a few familiar DragonRising faces! What makes the annual AMT Conference so special is the wide array of presentation topics, from new and innovative uses of EFT, to brand new modalities never before demonstrated, and presentations that are designed to help Practitioners and Trainers build up a thriving business.

Everyone here at DragonRising are super-excited about the Energy event of the year, and we look forward to seeing you on the sunny South Coast!


News – Marketing for Energists

Silvia Hartmann - Marketing for Energists

Our resident genius and ongoing champion for human rights, Silvia Hartmann, has a new project she is very excited about - Marketing For Energists M4E.

Silvia says, "I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades on marketing courses, books, seminars - and nothing ever felt right for me. I thought it was me until I had a revelation - marketing as it stands doesn't feel right because it is all WRONG! I am going to put this right, once and for all, and create the NEW MARKETING - marketing for energists. Exactly what the doctor ordered at this time to get the message out there, engage a much wider audience and find the right people who are going to really change the world!"

Silvia Hartmann's new "Marketing For Energists" is a one time opportunity for distance learning. It is designed for people who have a powerful desire to get their message out there, but have been endlessly frustrated by the madness that is the current model of "marketing, selling and advertising" and who are more than ready to find a better way.

Marketing For Energists M4E starts on June 1st, runs until World Energy Awareness Day August 8th, and the course fee is £888.


Article – An EFT & Project Sanctuary Case Story by Guillermo Pena Acuna

Project Sanctuary Case Story

What's better than EFT, you ask? Combining it with the powerful energy-mind technique of Project Sanctuary, that's what!

In this case story, GoE Member Guillermo Pena Acuna demonstrates the combination, resulting in a happy, positive and healthy client.

Guillermo writes: Rita felt the centre stone of all her biggest triggers were stuck in the seventh cervical, so I propose to make a Healing Habitat (Project Sanctuary) for her seventh cervical, and she agrees and makes the PS invocation, immediately she is in a heaven of floating light.

Rita is floating, only feeling the support of the hands of her guardian in the back of the neck. Her guardian says all you have is healing by movement, and starts to softly move her column, she feels an extraordinary liberation. I ask how this feeling is - "I have the sensation of freedom for the first time in my life".

So keep this sensation and let´s tap on it. We did 3 rounds until she was nearing an end state. Rita stayed in a PS state, then she has a shift and says "movement is connecting me through life". She feel the first stuck energy is moving and it is about her femininity, it is about being a woman.

She discovers that all her life she hated being female. The cause is; all the females of her family were slaves to their gender, so she was against this and couldn't be proud to be female. Rita feels a sharp pain in her ovaries, so we resume Energy EFT until she feels better and sees her beauty in the serenity. It is wonderful to feel being female, the infinite capacity to give and to receive...Rita says I can touch the earth, be the earth, I am beautiful.

We were both laughing now and delighted by what had happened. It was a nice and deep process.


Free Download Focus – Project Sanctuary 1st Meditation

Project Sanctuary 1st Meditation

In celebration of Guillermo's fantastic case story which you can read above, we've chosen the Project Sanctuary 1st Meditation as our Free Download Focus for the month. Project Sanctuary is easy, and fun. In this straightforward, friendly 15 min. free meditation in mp3 format Silvia Hartmann guides you through the process of setting up a "first Sanctuary". Use this a number of times, then join up the habitats!

As always, you'll need to login to access this free download. If you need a password reminder please see the bottom of this newsletter.


Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews

We love this part of the newsletter. It's where we showcase just some of the fantastic reviews that we have received from our wonderful customers over the last month.

This month's highlights include:

“Before I say anything, I would like to stretch out my energy arms and give Silvia a bear hug for writing "Love EFT". Thank you Silvia, for a wonderfully inspiring, uplifting and loving book. I took my time to read it, tried out some of the suggestions and was sometimes simply stunned at the effects e.g. My backache disappeared when I tapped on "Vitality"!”
- Helena Buche, Berlin – Love EFT by Silvia Hartmann

“Whether you are new to the world of NLP or have years of experience, of using NLP Skills, this book is great for general use in business and would be an asset for anyone looking to improve in all areas at work.”
- Game Changer, Amazon UK CustomerExcel at Business by Jimmy Petruzzi

“I have spent some time today researching other patterns and modalities. And what I keep coming back to each and every time, is that it is ALL in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training!”
- Deanna Hewett, AustraliaEFT Master Practitioner DLC


Best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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