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Silvia Hartmann is The Naked Writer

Silvia Hartmann is The Naked Writer

DragonRising’s star author Silvia Hartmann (Energy EFT, Aromatherapy for Your Soul, Infinite Creativity) has launched a fascinating new project called "The Naked Writer" to connect with her readers in an exciting new way. Using the latest Google Docs technology, readers world-wide will be able to see her write her latest novel "The Dragon Lords" in real-time, line-by-line.

With global coverage of this project in the media in at least 10 languages, this page covers how to "see" the novel being typed online, how to connect with Silvia Hartmann on social networks and also to see various press clippings of what has been said so far...

Introduction to The Naked Writer Project

Using the latest Google technology, we’re aiming to achieve a worlds first by letting anyone with an Internet connection see her latest fantasy fiction novel being typed live online, word by word.

With the rise of eBooks and print-on-demand paperbacks, many authors are now using the web to bypass traditional publishing houses in favour of self-publishing. This project, known as “The Naked Writer”, aims to go one step further and give fans the chance to not only see the manuscript being typed, but to also comment on the storyline and provide feedback as the novel develops.

Silvia Hartmann said in a recent interview, “This is an amazing opportunity for me as an author to push the boundaries of the author/reader relationship. It will be thrilling to write knowing that people will be viewing each word, paragraph and chapter, each backspace as I go along! Some authors plan their manuscripts in advance, but my stories tend to have a life of their own and I look forward to seeing what unfolds with everybody else!”

On Wednesday, 12th September at 9am (London Timezone) the author will let her social network followers know that the first session is about to begin. By using the Google Docs cloud-based office suite, Silvia will start with a blank document and begin to write. Fans will be provided with a public-accessible web page (open document) to see the book being written before their eyes.

Traditionally once a manuscript has been written and gone through a series of agents, editors and publishers, a finished book can read quite differently to how it started and in some cases even have a different ending. Through this project, readers engage with this process of writing & editing in real-time, literally collaborating as the magic unfolds. Alongside Silvia Hartmann’s main readership, this will be an interesting project for budding authors, literature students and all those who are fascinated by the processes of creative writing.

About Silvia Hartmann

Alongside her work on energy techniques such as EFT & EMO, Silvia Hartmann has also written a number of books & distance learning courses on creativity and visionary genius.

These include Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, Creative Writing 101 home-study course and most recently “Infinite Creativity” which was released last month.

Instructions for Readers

Silvia Hartmann will begin typing at 9am (BST) on Wednesday, 12th September. It is up to the author after that how long to spend writing each session until the manuscript is completed.

The author will announce the beginning of a writing session on both Facebook & Twitter. Please like, befriend and follow Silvia Hartmann and also use these pages for commenting on the story:

The manuscript for “The Dragon Lords” has already exceeded the number of words that can be stored in a single Google Doc document, therefore the novel has been split over the following:

Google has also provided a handy tool for embedding the manuscript on this webpage. The following documents may be upto 5 minutes out of date:

The Dragon Lords - Part 1 to 4

The Dragon Lords - Part 5 to 8

The Dragon Lords - Part 9 to current

Naked Writer in the Media

These kind media outlets have already mentioned the Naked Writer project:

If you've seen the Naked Writer project mentioned elsewhere, please contact us.

Nice Quotes

We've just started this section of nice quotes written on the web & in print - we'll add it to it when we get a spare moment!:

Alison Flood from The Guardian wrote: ...there's something, nonetheless, rather mesmerising about seeing the words emerge as you watch. Give it a go.

Engadget wrote: Writers, we're delicate souls. While we may try and act noble and bold from behind the relative safety of the keyboard, or computer screen. Put us up front and center, and we'll start questioning every single phrase from under a thick veil of self doubt. That's why we have untold amounts of respect for fantasy author Silvia Hartmann. She's decided to tackle those oppressive demons head on, and allow the world to watch her scribe a novel in real-time via Google docs. You're too late to start from the beginning, with the novel already well underway, but you can check Silvia's Facebook page to find out when she'll next start unfolding the story. In the meantime we're sat waiting impatiently to find out what happens between Sandra and Rix.

Drew Olanoff from TechCrunch.com wrote: ... it is quite an experience to feel such a bond with an author. I have never read Hartmann’s work, but this is something that definitely got my attention. You might get a chance to read the book before it’s ever available for purchase. It’s like being in a recording studio with your favorite band.

The Atlantic Wire wrote: Do look, it's not finished. In her "Naked Writer" project, British author Silvia Hartmann will give readers a voyeuristic window into her writing process. She'll compose her next novel in a Google Doc accessible to anyone who wants to watch it unfold and comment on the rough draft in real-time. Having fans breathe down your neck sounds stressful, but it could prove to be an interesting collaboration. 

Ben Dudley from The E Word wrote: Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword commented: "It is always interesting to see how traditional methods change with new developments in technology, and this is just the latest example. If Silvia Hartmann is successful this could become a common trend for authors."

Christopher Page on Facebook: Silvia I just wanted to say I haven't read any of your stuff prior to your new project but the fact that you're actually bringing your fans in in such a close way is just so great and refreshing. I started reading the story last night and love it so far :-) I will definitely be picking up your novels going forward. You rock :-)

Andrea Denhoed from The Newyorker wrote: In the best technological-literary stunt in recent memory, fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is letting the public watch her write and edit a novel in real time.

Blogworld wrote: I think this is a really cool experiment and I’ll be watching it to see her progress and how it affects her writing progress. It’s a brave new media world we’re living in, and it’s interesting to see people using online tools in innovative ways.

A Literary Love Blog wrote: I admire Hartmann, and wish her good fucking luck. If she finishes it successfully she'll join the ranks of Cory Doctorow and Orson Scott Card in the internet elite.

Josh Loposer (Managing Editor) from Digital Marketer Blog: It really doesn’t get any better than actually watching someone as they type out their novel…

Geoffrey Allan Plauché from Promethius Unbound wrote: It takes a great deal of courage to publish even a completed and edited novel. Even more to serialize a novel on your website or blog every week as you write it. How much courage does it take to let people watch your every keystroke while you write the first draft?

Tom Nardi from Powerbase wrote: Silvia’s attempt has already inspired a few others to attempt collaborative writing. 

Amy Freeborn from Yahoo UK News: Given the level of reader input and influence, the final story is surely destined to be a crowd pleaser.

Murtaza Patel from Springwise.com wrote: As well as using new media to bring audiences closer to the process behind writing a novel, the project also offers a unique experience for reading – the words are not dead on the page, but constantly evolving.

E Junkie wrote: There is no doubt that this idea takes the whole reader-writer relationship and interaction to a whole new level.

Charlene Jimenez from AG Beat wrote: Showing the behind-the-scenes view of your craft could take you to the next level.

Blogger, Editor & Reader Ariel Price wrote: I’ve seen many authors post sections of their books on blogs and ask for reader feedback. Writing on a public Google doc, though, is new to me. I can see the advantages: good publicity, the readers feel like they are getting “sneak peek” of the book, the author can mold the book to fit readers’ desires. It certainly takes courage from author Silvia Hartmann.

HLN TV wrote: Silvia Hartmann is experimenting with the idea of openness and audience participation on a pretty extreme level. [...] A really brave move, and in some ways, really thought-provoking as far as how we might (as individuals or brands) leverage platforms like Google Drive to be more transparent with our audiences. 

The London Egotist wrote: A fascinating insight into a world that's never had an audience before.

Beep TV2 Denmark wrote: Whether it's a comment on our fascination with reality phenomenon and the surveillance society, a PR stunt that will hopefully boost sales of the novel, or Silvia Hartmann is gripped by a kind of literary exhibitionism is hard to answer. It is certain, however, that the English author Silvia Hartmann with her latest novel creates a new framework for how a writer works. (translated by Google)

Dale Challener Roe from Write Anything wrote: Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann has decided to find out if writing (and editing) can be completed in a live setting.

Yasha Wallin from Good.is wrote: For creatives who aren't self-conscious, Hartmann's approach could be a great motivator to encourage productivity. 

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