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Silvia Hartmann's Energy Healing For Animals - Information & Student Feedback

Silvia Hartmann's Energy Healing For Animals - Information & Student Feedback

In Energy Healing For Animals, Energy EFT & Infinite Creativity author Silvia Hartmann has drawn deeply on her 35-year-experience as a teacher and trainer of modern energy healers worldwide to create the perfect course for lovers of energy and those who enjoy working with animals.

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Energy Healing for Animals Distance Learning Course

Personally and professionally profoundly aware of the exact nature of the challenges a modern energy healer is facing, Silvia Hartmann has created a beautiful course in 8 concise units, filled with wonderful, love based exercises.

Energy Healing For Animals by Silvia Hartmann will provide the successful students with a bright, sparkling tool box of powerful energy techniques that the student can make their own and develop further, to find their own unique, personal style as a professional energist and energy healer for animals.

Beyond the transformative and enlightening experiences throughout, Energy Healing For Animals goes further and addresses the practical needs of the "business of healing," giving successful students a clear and powerful guide to start their new business in the real world.

Energy Healing For Animals created by Silvia Hartmann this March, 2015, is the perfect course for those who are drawn to animals, have their hearts in the right place and are ready and willing to turn their passion into their profession - in certainty, in confidence, in joy and most of all, in love.

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  • Already a professional animal healer? Take this opportunity to take your healing skills and powers to the next level!
  • Already a practising energist? Add Energy Healing For Animals to your existing services and unlock new clients, contacts and connections!

Have you always wanted to become a professional energy healer - but did not know how to take that leap?

Energy Healing For Animals is the perfect way to get started with the business of healing. With real feedback from creatures who cannot lie, and none of the shields in place we have to humans, we can learn the truth about energy healing, about healing the spirit, in love and safety with the help of our animal friends!

Energy Healing For Animals embodies the high spiritual principles of true energy healing - healing the energy body, healing the spirit, healing the heart and healing the soul. The essence of energy healing, pure and simple; a wonderful experience that unlocks the magical healer within.

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Student's First Feedback

Energy Healing For Animals by Silvia Hartmann is a brand NEW course, containing exercises and techniques never taught before.

It has only been available for a fortnight, but here are the first reactions of the new students on the course to Unit 1, which lays down the principles of "Energy Healing For Animals."

How do you feel about Unit 1?

  • "How lovely that this question is asking for an emotional/heart response to the content of Unit 1 rather than a reasoned/rational analysis ...... for in truth, to understand healing one must feel from the heart!"
  • "I am in total alignment about the amazing healing and regenerative power of love. I have been in hard core scientific circles for many years and used to believe much of the nonsense put out. Over time I just kept seeing that things just weren’t working the way science said they did. There were just too many unexplainable things, which didn’t sit well with me. After science and allopathic medicine completely failed me and my family, I destroyed all of my prior conclusions and opened my mind."
  • "I am very excited about Unit 1 and feel that it is a great way to start the course by asking me to look at myself honestly and if I am truly ready to pursue a career in animal energy healing. I am on the journey of coming into my power and look forward to taking and completing this course."
  • "The Focus on LOVE is Wonderful! My friend who I spent time introducing this Course to earlier today Is Going to LOVE and be blown away by ALL the Aligned (with her Path and Intent) content of this Unit! We are both A Course In Miracles Ordained Ministerial Counsellors and ACIM’s resonance is a golden thread running all through this Unit!"
  • "Lovely. Cannot agree more about the concept of love and energy. Page 9, the heart healing, I tuned myself into meditation state when I did the “whisper part” it worked well on me."
  • "I have loved trusting in my 6th sense and recognizing those feelings and asking for the energies to show me more of how just be present to this. I love that it really is about putting the thoughts and ego and analysis of everything to one side as then we get to experience the beauty of everything in a much more loving and truthful way."
  • "Working with energy is so exciting as it strips away all of the analysis and diagnosis of the “intellectual mind” and brings us simply to feeling all that is in the energetic realm and experiencing the frequency of forever changing and moving energy!!! So yes, I love this course already."
  • "I was so touched and moved with Unit 1. it was as if someone was writing my though from my soul. I always knew deep down inside that LOVE can heal and cure any illness either physical or mental. I had a personal experience as I mentioned above. The lesson gave me more faith in my belief. It has encouraged me towards my future goal."
  • "I couldn’t agree more with everything that has been written in the first unit. Love or energy is the missing factor in the link that science cannot find. Without love there is darkness, with love there is only light. I have always had a lot of love to give."
  • "This course resonates perfectly with my innate understanding and way of being/interacting in this world - wonderful validation on the focus on the very things I am here to model, teach, impart to all those I work with."
  • "Sometimes I ask myself how I can transfer my love to all the animals in need of love where ever they are even though i cant see them. I had a such a good feeling after finishing the lesson and I was confident that I chose the right course. I am looking forward and eager to learn the next unit."

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Energy Healing For Animals

  • A Professional Certification Course In 8 Units
  • Optimized For Distance Learning
  • Created by Silvia Hartmann, March 2015
  • Course Tutor: Barbara Saph, GoE Master Trainer
  • Course price includes: Full Tutor Support, Eight ComprehensiveCourse Units, GoE Standard Membership on enrolment (12 months), GoE Professional Membership on completion (12 months)
  • With inclusive GoE Membership students will receive the quarterly GoE magazine "The Energist", access to the member-only Facebook group and also receives premium downloads each week
  • Leading to GoE Certification as "Certified Energy Healer For Animals" C.E.H.A AMT

Modern Energy Healing For Animals
Healing with the power of love, pure and simple.

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