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2011 Alternative Valentines

2011 Alternative Valentines

With Valentine's Day rearing its multi-coloured head this Monday, DragonRising is in the unique position of offering life-changing information, tools and techniques - regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or are open to new opportunities.

For the next week, we’ve discounted some of our favourites from the DragonRising catalogue which have been specifically designed to help you achieve happiness when playing the game of love.

50% Discount: Confidence

“Whether you believe you can, or you can’t – you’re right!” – Henry Ford

Confidence Energy-HypnosisAt the heart of everything we do is our own confidence in ourselves and our own abilities. This energy-hypnosis track (MP3 download or Audio CD) was produced by Silvia Hartmann to work on many levels to build your self-confidence, no matter what your starting point is.

Available in these versions:

  • MP3 Download
  • Audio CD

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50% Discount: HypnoDreams 2: Heart Healing

HypnoDreams 2: Heart HealingBeing human is about enjoying the ups, as well as learning and moving on from the downs. If you’ve had your heart broken and this is affecting your future then you should give Heart Healing a go. This is just one of the tracks you’ll benefit from by purchasing the second HypnoDream album by Hartmann & Sivyer.

Available in these versions:

  • 8 x MP3 Downloads
  • Audio CD Album

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50% Discount: The Love Clinic

The Love Clinic by Sandra HillawiEMO is all about clearing disturbances and blockages in the energy system and these often don’t come much bigger than those caused by human relationships. The Love Clinic is great for beginners as everything you need to know is explained in Sandra Hillawi’s easy-to-read writing style and no previous knowledge is assumed.

Available in these versions:

  • PDF eBook
  • Paperback Book

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50% Discount: SuperGoals

SuperGoals by Silvia HartmannSuperGoals is one of our most popular energy-hypnosis tracks because it works for identifying your goals and then proceeds to motivate you on many levels to then achieve them. This works great, especially if you don’t really know what you want to achieve in your relationships.

Available in these versions:

  • MP3 Download
  • Audio CD

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50% Discount: BeautyT Recorded Training

BeautyT Live Recorded Training with Silvia HartmannSilvia Hartmann explains in this live recorded training how we have never seen ourselves like others see us. For what we view in a mirror is only a two dimensional image of the real human being that it is meant to represent. This advanced-EMO workshop goes onto showcase the technique for restoring a persons core identity, which is often protected in layers and layers of shields and barriers.

EMO is the perfect tool for this technique as it allows people to treat really sensitive emotional nerves without fear or discomfort. BeautyT is a truly awesome recording and definitely Silvia Hartmann at her best.

Available in these versions:

  • MP3 Downloads
  • 5 x Audio CDs

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There is something here for everyone this Valentine's Day, no matter what your current situation. We hope you take advantage of these great offers and have a perfect, love-filled week.

Best wishes,

The DragonRising Team
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