What Is Modern Energy?

What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy in a nutshell - Modern Energy explained.

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What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy is not based on traditional ideas about subtle energy from ancient cultures, New Age subtle energy medicine or any form of ancient religious or spiritual tradition.

Modern Energy is based on the provable, measurable, experiential reality of the living energy body in modern people. The theory of Modern Energy can be found in EMO Energy In Motion (Hartmann, 2002/2016).

Modern Energy holds that:

  • The human energy body is real;
  • The energy body produces sensations as feedback devices;
  • These sensations are the 6th Sense;
  • It is impossible to make sense of human beings without factoring the additional 16.7% of information the 6th Sense provides.

The 6th Sense provides sensations in the physical body which have no physical origin, and are known as:

  • Intuition (fleeting, fine 6th Sense sensations);
  • Emotion (mid range 6th Sense sensations);
  • Psychosomatic Pain (high end 6th Sense sensations).

By addressing the conditions in the actual, real living energy body we can measure, understand and change our experiences, emotions, relationships and actions in a whole new way. 

Energy Based Solutions For The Energy Body

In the past, attention was only paid to the energy body to try and treat physical illness.

In Modern Energy, we focus on the energy body as a system in its own right.

For example, in Modern Energy Healing, we do not attempt to heal the physical body, we focus on healing the energy body, because the energy body itself is foundational to all levels of human existence.

The energy body is responsible for "how we feel," for our emotional states, for our energy states.

The energy body is the direct cause for feeling, thinking and acting powerfully - or not.

The energy body is the direct cause for personal power, active intelligence, happiness, social abilities, inspiration, creativity and much more besides.

  • In Modern Energy, we take the human energy body seriously and treat it as a primary pathway to solve problems that cannot be solved without energy knowledge.

Further, Modern Energy provides a direct and provable pathway to better practical performance across the board in "mind, body and spirit."

This is achieved by focusing on the neglected, misunderstood energy body absolutely.

The Modern Energy Chart created by Silvia Hartmann


The Modern Energy Chart

When the energy body becomes stressed, it is the direct cause for malfunctions in mind, body and spirit.

When the energy body functions better and provides more energy for life, literally, this causes a powerful improvement in a person's ability to function in real life, in the real world.

The effects of energy body stress are expressed in The Modern Energy Chart (Hartmann, 1993/2011) and its simplified versions, The SUE Scale (Hartmann 2009) and The Pyramid Model (Modern Stress Management, Hartmann 2013).

The Energy Chart does not simply give us a direct guide to the symptoms of the stressed energy body; it gives us the positive wing and a pathway towards achieving personal potential.

The positive wing of the Energy Chart is the key to finally giving energy bodies the nutrition they need, to find healing for energy body problems, and most importantly, to help the human energy body evolve.

The Key Is Personal Evolution

Modern Energy gives a person the awareness of their own living energy body back.

  • Instead of prescribing a set of exercises or movements, or leaving what to do with your own energy body to an "expert," Modern Energy is about finding direct, entirely personalised solutions to the unique energy body problems of any given individual.
  • Instead of looking to an ancient map or ancient scroll, Modern Energy simply asks, "Where do you feel this (emotional pain)(sensation of love) in YOUR body? Show me with your hands!"
  • Instead of providing "one shoe fits all" solutions, Modern Energy simply asks, "What kind of energy do you need today to feel happier, stronger and more powerful?"

By focusing on the actual needs of the individual, right here and now, we can make powerful, real life progress which feels right because it is right.

An Explosion Of Potential

Factoring in the missing 16.7% of information provided by the 6th Sense is an absolute paradigm shift which leads to an explosion of potential.

Working directly, simply and cleanly with the living energy body of the individual empowers individuals instantly and reliably.

More empowered, more energized individuals make stronger relationships between each other and are capable of forming couple bubbles and group bubbles to empower them further.

All manner of human behaviour that seemed so mysterious all of a sudden makes sense.

"With energy in mind," it becomes not only possible but often astonishingly easy to find solutions to the oldest problems of mankind.

Logical, structural and high level thought becomes available when the energy body is healthier.

"Love and logic" start moving into harmony with one another, and at the highest levels of energy body functioning, are actually one and the same.

Creativity and creative thought expands more and more, the higher our energy levels become.

This leads to a literal explosion of new ideas, new solutions to old problems, more energy and a real forward momentum from the old into the new.

Enlightenment Made Simple - And Easily Achievable

The most extraordinary gift of Modern Energy is the fact that EVERY PERSON can achieve high energy states so easily.

We can achieve high energy states at will and without having to study for decades, without having to be special in any way, regardless of age, prior experience or even physical health.

Once we begin to take our own energy bodies seriously, and the energy bodies of other people, we are in a different world altogether.

We define "enlightenment" by having a personal experience of the reality of your own living energy body.

Enlightenment in Modern Energy is the realisation that even though we cannot see energy, we can feel it in our own bodies and know the living reality of energy at the personal level.

The Third Field

Modern Energy defines a brand new, logical, provable approach to the Third Field in the Mind, Body, "Spirit" triad.

By bringing the truth of the living energy body into full focus at last, The Guild of Energists and Modern Energy makes energy reasonable and rational.

A modern energist is not a psychologist, or a physician.

A modern energist deals with the reality of energy in any given situation.

A modern energist does not follow ancient maps to ascertain the energetic realities, but uses their own 6th Sense instead to know what works, and what does not work.

We say, "It's only real when you can FEEL IT IS REAL."

This simple yet powerful approach ends millennia of guesswork and hallucinations, and makes energy awareness central to not only personal development, but to societal development.

The energy body is not second best to the physical body.

The energy body is a hugely important partner in the "Mind, Body, Spirit" triad which needs to be given complete focus and attention with ever increasing urgency, as humanity spirals into ever more stress, misery, war, hatred and destruction.

The Guild of Energists

The Guild of Energists is here to provide this desperately needed, exclusive focus on all things energy.

This is our mission, and to provide the foundational education about Modern Energy is how we achieve this.

  • The GoE is here to provide Modern Energy education to the general public,
  • to stimulate discourse about Modern Energy;
  • to advance the energy education of its members;
  • and to advance Modern Energy through further research.

 To this end, the GoE provides:

  • Free introductions to Modern Energy to the public;
  • Popular self help books based on Modern Energy;
  • The essential text books of Modern Energy;
  • The world's first specific, state-of-the-art training programs for self help, professional energists and trainers of Modern Energy;
  • Comprehensive support services for members, professional energists and trainers.

Modern Energy Changes EVERYTHING.

Unlike the old approaches, Modern Energy is not only about healing and therapy.

Applying the principles of Modern Energy changes everything human beings feel, think and do.

Operating from higher energy states changes the experience of self, of relationships, of personal power, intelligence, creativity and this brings enormous benefits to love, work, play and life.

Modern Energy is for all modern people. It is structural, logical, safe and the perfect problem solving tools for individuals, parents, teachers, artists, engineers, scientists, managers and school children alike.

Modern Energy is for modern people, helping them make sense of the world - literally.

Modern Energy Changes Everything!

Everything works better - with Modern Energy.

The GoE - We LOVE Energy!

Modern Energy is not just logical, or much needed in the world today.

Modern Energy is personally exciting, delightful in its practices, and a pathway to make people happier.

  • From the "pursuit of happiness," Modern Energy moves into the experience of happiness at will.

We have understood that happiness is not a constant state, but consists of collections of experiences, energy body events, which can be had at any time, every day, and which in total evolve the human energy body.

The Guild of Energists welcomes all modern people who wish to be much happier, far more often;

The GoE welcomes all those who would love to help others with their energy body problems that medicine nor psychology could ever solve;

The GoE welcomes all creative people who want to be even more inspired and even more inspirational;

In short, the GoE welcomes all who love energy.

This is our motto, this is why we say:

GOE - We LOVE Energy!!!

If this makes sense to you, join The Guild of Energists today!


"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa."

Silvia Hartmann, President, The Guild of Energists

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