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  This book is literally a breath of fresh air for all who love magic. Gone are the old fashioned horrors of hell fires & demons, and instead we have that wide eyed wonder, a childlike innocence as we get to explore our own magic for real - Finally! A wonderful, wonderful book, magic through and through. 


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Magic, Spells and Potions
EFT Self-Help Course

  A down to earth practical approach to Magic!  - Dr Markus Schulte, United Kingdom
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Nicola Quinn, Author

  StarFields has made magic light, fun & accessible to all!  - Nicola Quinn, Author
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  A Wonderful, Wonderful Book  - StarHawk
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  This is a bright, fresh, joyful and practical guide to magic, perfect for the 21st Century. When I first picked this book up I expected it to be full of spells, a recipe book for witches if you like. I could not have been more wrong...  - Sandra Roberts, Paradigm Shift Magazine
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  This book is easy to read and connect with on many levels.  - Jacqui Stevens, 2009
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  [Magic, Spells & Potions] is written in Dr. Hartmann's typical logical, step-by-step manner, with a touch of humor added in. I highly recommend it.  - Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer
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