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Adventures in EFT Review by Joseph Bennette, MRET, DCH, PhD

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Joseph Bennette, MRET, DCH, PhD

  After reading Adventures in EFT and putting the skills to use, I have greatly improved my own practice.  

Joseph Bennette, MRET, DCH, PhD


I loved your book. It inspired me to go back and re-take Gary's course. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts to several egroups and agree strongly with your world view.

After reading Adventures and putting the skills to use, I have greatly improved my own practice.

So, here are my thoughts on "Adventures":

In December 1999, I heard about Silvia Hartman-Kent and her work with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I purchased her book, Adventures in EFT. Right away I was stirred by her delivery and writing style. I enjoyed the way she put EFT into a simple, easy to follow process that makes it incredibly easy to duplicate, even for a novice. She also included many case stories and suggestions for use that assisted me greatly in incorporating the EFT protocols into my work with clients reporting a variety of issues ranging from depression to phobias to chronic pain and general stress. I found her book, Adventures in
EFT, a delight to read, simple and easy to follow, and logically presented. I recommend her book to all my associates and peers. The processes she illustrates in her book are powerful, yet easy to master. She even offers help in integrating the EFT protocols into other therapies and situations. Seasoned professional therapists will find Silvia's work helpful and refreshing.

Non-professionals and novices to the healing field will find her work useful and powerful for self-healing. It is definitely a win-win for anyone interested in healing and health. I applaud her effort and highly recommend her work. Perhaps it is now time to usher in a new era of healing based on a new paradigm so eloquently and delightfully presented in this marvelous book.

In Gratitude,
Joseph Bennette, MRET, DCH, PhD
Clinical Hypnotherapist Salem, Oregon, USA
http://www.jbennette.com On the other
side of fear is freedom.

Joseph Bennette, MRET, DCH, PhD

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