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Amazingly Inspirational Aromatherapy

Nicola Quinn

  With this amazingly inspirational collection of stories, information, ideas and meditation you will find a whole new world opening up, just for you.  

Nicola Quinn

  Not only are the stories and illustrations for each oil in this book empowering and inspiring but the information in the companion book Creative Aromatherapy is pure delight.

From making simple Aroma Foam to having fun with an Aroma Wand (to reach hard to get to places, amongst other things!) is creative genius.

And here we have another highly original concept from Silvia Hartmann, thoroughly researched with unflagging enthusiasm and presented with love.

I've dabbled with essentials oils for years, in fact I would say, more than dabbled. Over 10 years ago I was seriously using them to try and treat type 2 diabetes. I've rubbed them into various parts of me, sniffed and inhaled exotic mixtures in steam, poured vats of them into bowls of water to humidify and freshen rooms and have read reams and reams on their wonder properties and yet I have never ever ever read a book like this.

This book is absolutely unique and made me sigh with relief. That coming home feeling, where you know you are back in a safe, recognisable environment that supports and protects your whole being.

Aromatherapy for the Soul is just that. There are 121 metaphor stories to help identify the oil you need right now for whatever reason that might be. Sometimes we just don't know and are not the best person to consciously make that choice. Sometimes when we are in crisis we can only see what is under our nose, the daily niggles, either physical or emotional, and cannot see the bigger picture, what our soul needs. How do we really know what our pain means and how to treat it?

With these fascinating and beautiful stories it is possible to gain access to this information and when our soul is happy and fulfilled our lives become so, automatically.

I can see a whole new therapy being created out of this extraordinary book and I can't wait to see aromatherapists using this information to achieve true holistic healing for themselves and their clients.

And I would say, though this may scare some people, forget everything you ever thought you knew about essential oils and their properties, they will be most usually centred on the physical, how to ease aches and pains, at best how to release emotions which often happens with a deep massage anyway.

As an example my reference books list uses for Rose as diverse as digestive and menstrual problems, headaches, nervous tension, poor circulation, liver complaints and a beneficial oil for mature skin.
Now here is what we have for Rose in Aromatherapy for the Soul...

Rose Essential Oil
Rose: "The Future"

Rosa Damascena : Young, beautiful, powerful, awakening, rising, soaring, the old is gone and forgotten, the future awaits.

Rose is an outstanding remedy for people who feel trapped by their past and need help to move on, move forward and regain the rushing flow of life that carries us into the future with ease and in delight.


A wise man walks along the side of a river. He hears weak calls for help and finds a person, clinging on to an old, dead branch for dear life.

"Help me," the person calls out as they see the wise man peek over the edge, "Get me out of here! I can't hold on any longer! Get me a rope, give me your hand!" The wise man looks around and spots a beautiful red flower growing on the riverbed. He picks it, holds it out and down to the person and says, "Take this. It's a magic flower. You'll be saved."

The person reaches for the magic flower and in so doing, lets go of the dead branch - the rushing river takes him away in an instance.

The wise man smiles and walks a little way further, where he finds the person, wet and bedraggled, washed ashore quite safely on a shallow stretch. He goes to the person, gives him the flower and says gently, "Told you so ..."


Now do you not think that being released to move forward, easily and elegantly will quite happily deal with the physical problems that being held back would manifest? That makes perfect sense to me.

With this amazingly inspirational collection of stories, information, ideas and meditation you will find a whole new world opening up, just for you.


Nicola Quinn

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