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Dr Markus Schulte, United Kingdom

  A down to earth practical approach to Magic!  

Dr Markus Schulte, United Kingdom

  My background is in experimental physics, and I am therefore a skeptic by nature, especially when it comes to magical effects. I came to magic via Donal Tysons Portable Magic, using the Tarot as a symbolic altar and circle, then through Druidry, using elemental symbolism in rituals.

What struck me first about Magic, Spells and Potions is the down to earth practical approach that is devoid of any religious or moral undertones. Silvia Hartmann offers a set of symbols, teaches how to use them for magical purposes and that is it!

The introduction manages nicely to relate where the symbols come from, and where they fall in besides the older symbolic systems, such as runes. Then section by section the reader is lead to using those symbols in magical workings, through spells, potions and other techniques. The approach is well explained, and (my scientific mind cries triumph) the reader is asked to empirically evaluate all outcomes to see if the magic worked. Because it either works or not, and if not, the workings need to be modified, no excuses.

All this is explained in a non-pretentious and friendly manner.
As the system is unique, and does not have a "history" or lineage, it is accessible for everyone, without the need to commit to anything else, but the use of the symbols, which was a very strong incentive for me to give it a try.

Absolute must for everyone interested in magic.



Dr Markus Schulte, United Kingdom

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