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Alan Bridges
Psychic Medium

  If you’re looking for a new tool to help you not only solve your own problems but to create the reality you’ve always felt was just a pipe dream, then get the Genius Symbols. You will be blown away by the power that you have always possessed.  

Alan Bridges Psychic Medium http://www.psychicbridges.com

  Of course, there’s my day job of giving as many psychic readings and as much healing and coaching as I can manage, not to mention maintaining my sites and keeping you, dear reader, up to date. And through all this I try to make sure that I myself am still learning and expanding. It’s here that I am so excited to tell you about my latest discovery. It’s simply genius! Read on and you’ll soon understand why.

If you’ve ever had a reading with me or read any of my writings, you’ll know that my goal is to empower my clients. I don’t tell my clients what to do. I won’t do their work for them. But I strive to help them help themselves. And that’s why Silvia Hartmann’s latest offering is so perfect!

Dr. Hartmann’s Genius Symbols starts with the premise that each of us is a genius. We are capable of developing our own solutions. We have within ourselves the answers to our questions. We have our very own Einstein, if you like, ready, willing and able to assist in whatever it is that we want to do.

That might sound like a tall order. But when you think about it, this is a message that isn’t all that new. We hear all the time that we humans are inherently intuitive. Many experts and authors have tried to convince us that teach of us is psychic. Believing and accepting the idea is one thing. Being able to put it into practice is something else altogether.

The stumbling block isn’t a lack of information within ourselves. The key lies in being able to access the information. And this is what makes Dr.Hartmann’s Genius Symbols so revolutionary.

Until now, there’s not been a system that made it easy to understand the language that our energy mind, that source of information within each of us that has the ability to transcend time and space, uses to communicate with us.

Dr. Hartmann’s system contains 23 symbols that are already within our collective unconscious. They are what might be considered akin to Jungian archetypal representations. In other words, we know what they mean almost immediately and instinctively without having to learn complicated and lengthy definitions (as is the case with other systems like Tarot for instance).

Here are six of the Genius Symbols below. Have a look at them and see if you can identify what they might stand for.


The way it works is, as promised, simple. You ask for what you want – be it an answer to a specific question or inspiration to spark your creativity. Then, you use the symbols to focus and direct your attention. In so doing, you begin to receive information in the form of a story that describes the vision that you see in that world behind your eyes.

Because the information that is accessible to our energy minds is so vast, you might think that this process could be intimidating or be something that could overwhelm us. But because you’re using your symbols as your very own Rosetta Stone, you remain in constant control. You stay relaxed and you have fun – even though you could be having one of the most profound experiences you’ve ever had.

So where do you get your deck of symbols? Well, in my opinion, this is one of the best bits. Dr. Hartmann encourages you to make your own! You can transcribe the symbols onto pieces of paper. You can draw them on pebbles you collect from the beach. You can carve them into blocks of wood. They are your symbols – make them your way.

For Dr. Hartmann, connecting with the genius within should be light and fun, like a game. Starting to play with your Genius Symbols is easy. She has written a book that you can purchase and download from the DragonRising Publishing website. And for those who want to take their exploration with the symbols further, she has written a distance learning course.

With the Genius Symbols course, you get hands-on and expert practice using the symbols. Like so many things in life, it’s all about actually doing it. Practice really does make perfect. There are six units during which you learn how to receive and engage with the information that is streaming from your energy mind.

I was privileged to have been one of the students who was personally tutored by Dr. Hartmann. It was truly an enriching and empowering experience. And if you’re looking for a new tool to help you not only solve your own problems but to create the reality you’ve always felt was just a pipe dream, then get the Genius Symbols book and sign up for the course. You will be blown away by the power that you have always possessed!

In the meantime, if you would like a taste of what the Genius Symbols can offer, why not consider getting one of my new Genius Symbols Readings. You can ask any question you like on any area you choose. I will then use my own set of Genius Symbols to connect to that world of energy and information.

What comes through will be a vision, a story if you will, that I will engage with and continue with until the insights and answers become clear. This is a reading like no other you will have ever had before. And clients are telling me that their readings have helped them make the breakthroughs they’ve been seeking. Perhaps it could do the same for you.

Whether you choose my new Genius Symbols Readings or one of my more classic readings, I hope to be able to read for you soon.

Feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions or feedback on http://www.psychicbridges.com . And don’t forget to join me and the rest of the PsychicBridges community in the Psychic Chat forums!

Kindest regards,

Alan Bridges
Psychic Medium

Alan Bridges Psychic Medium http://www.psychicbridges.com

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