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Linda Christie, www.PositiveHealth.com

  realigning the Assemblage Point to its correct position and using gem infused light, produces a speedy healing process and a gentle recovery from many difficult to treat diseases and imbalances.  

Carlos Casteneda’s apprenticeship with Don Juan opened the door to many of the mysteries of the energy body. The brief explanation on how Don Juan moved his Assemblage point through a sharp blow to the shoulder blades was informative but not very helpful for a real
understanding of how the Assemblage point works. Jon Whale has studied this significant and vital point in his work The Catalyst of Power. This book offers real and important insights into how to find, and if necessary move, the Assemblage Point to its correct position.
Alongside this in depth look at the workings of the Assemblage Point he explains his work with Electric Gem Lamp Therapy and the use of gemstones with a light source to gently heal mental, emotional and physical problems.

The Assemblage point works in a similar way to the magnetic energy fields of the earth. In both there is an entry and exit point where all the fields draw together... Read Full Review

Linda Christie, www.PositiveHealth.com


  This book is truly groundbreaking! Not since Don Juan of Carlos Castaneda has the science of the Assemblage Point been presented so clearly.  

Groundbreaking Book!!!

This book is truly groundbreaking! Not since Don Juan of Carlos Castaneda has the science of the Assemblage Point been presented so clearly.

The case studies presented in this book show that this treatment can very well be the next major health care method of the 21st century. I just hope that the world is aware enough to embrace such a revolutionary practice.

If you have any interest in the Assemblage Point or Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy (80+% effective healing rate of "uncureable disease") be sure to read this book. If unavailable look up Jon Whale's Assemblage Point website.

PLUS, his new ebook [The Naked Spirit] will be out Spring of 2006!


Tony Attwood

  I think this book is about to revolutionise medicine  

Books that claim to be about to revolutionise the world are common - I think for the first time I have just read one that is going to do that. Basically this is about a way of healing that is incredibly straight forward, has a very clear theoretical background, and seems to work stunningly well. The fact that Dr Angela Blaen - a research fellow from Exeter University - has written the intro and is associated with this research - speaks volumes. It would be easy without reading the book to dismiss assemblage points as another fringe health idea - but I dont think this is so. It is certainly as valid as acupuncture, and possibly more rapidly effective. I'm very grateful to everyone involved for bringing this approach forward in a serious and well thought out way. Tony Attwood M.Phil

Tony Attwood

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