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Amy Stuart

  Lullaby worked amazingly quickly, and sleep was deep and undisturbed.  

Amy Stuart

  I have suffered insomnia on and off since my teens, especially at times when I am stressed or feel anxious about something. A friend lent me his ‘Deep Trance Lullaby’ and I tried it during a particularly bad period of disturbed, if any, sleep. I usually put up barriers to products such as this, especially as my conscious mind was determined not to let me sleep on this particular night of upset. However, the Lullaby worked amazingly quickly, and sleep was deep and undisturbed.
I was amazed by the speed and quality of the Lullaby, as everything, including prescription sleeping drugs, had failed before it. I have used it many times since, from times when I have hardly felt tired to complete exhaustion, and have built up no tolerance, as is the case with everything else I have tried.
The Lullaby has helped me to form regular and reliable sleep patterns, to enjoy a ‘proper night’s sleep’, which has helped both my mental and physical health. Having introduced it to my friends, we all now find it invaluable. 

Amy Stuart

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Deep Trance Lullaby
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  This is a review you probably won't print, but I wanted to tell you of my experiences with your Lullaby CD ...  - (Name withheld)
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  Lullaby worked amazingly quickly, and sleep was deep and undisturbed.  - Amy Stuart
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  Best sleep aid I've ever found  - @Arafingol on Twitter
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  What a wonderful hypnosis session I had with your Deep Trance Lullaby  - Molly Kelly, Texas
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  I feel so much better now that I am getting some sleep again and even though this sleep imbalance may take a while to normalize, I will keep my iPod by my bed and know Silvia is always there to help me go back to sleep. I love it! Thanks, Silvia!  - Helle Gylling
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