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Loretto Cattell, EHA Graduate

  The Energy Healing for Animals Course equips us with knowledge about our energy bodies, an understanding of energy healing, the skills to apply that knowledge with confidence, all supported by sound guidance on business practices.  

My interest in energy medicine started with my training through the three levels of Reiki and learned about the Universal Life Force Energy referred to in that discipline. Being blessed to have cat and dog companions I soon learned that the energy could help them if they chose to avail of it and that unlike humans they were not being polite about the benefits /effects and just walked away when they had enough.

However the source and content of the Life Force Energy was unclear and so it was a great revelation and relief to learn in the opening chapter of the Energy Healing for Animals Course that the Energy that changes everything is in fact LOVE and we are all capable of sharing it to heal the spirit.

The opening words of the course manual set the scene and convinced me this was the right course for me because the first principle is Love. Being open to love oneself, accepting the gift of love... Read Full Review

Loretto Cattell, EHA Graduate

Sue Bellworthy, EHA Graduate

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course for its detail; organisation; planned modules and in fact for all the things that make the energy courses stand out from competitors. But what other mode of healing will not only treat the Patient (the animal) but the client (the owner) and the healer (you). It is necessary to emphasise this is energy healing and thus must run alongside more conventional methods as in setting a fractured bone. But an energetically balanced animal and owner couple equals better healing, faster healing and improved results.

Despite my training in conventional healing modalities; the complementary healing methods have so much to recommend them , mixing and matching to create the perfect cure. And an energetically balanced body is essential; it might ostensibly fall into the complementary group but is a necessity in its own right. Energy healing has made great grounds due to Silvia... Read Full Review

Sue Bellworthy, EHA Graduate

Bettina Stahl, EHA Graduate

  I learned to think, feel and behave like a modern energist and that gave my work and my life a new approach.  

Before I signed up for the course I read some of the testimonials they were on the website and one hit me, the person who said, she had been working since many years already as a Energy healer for Animals and had done many courses before, but this one was more than different on anything that she had expected .... Wow, I thought to myself, that sounds definitely like something I want to try.

I did and I will never regret that I had done so.

My expectations lay more on the learning EFT for Animals side and the surprise was hug, that this was finally only a little chapter" - but instead, I learned a million other things, I had never expected, not even thought of it! I learned to think, feel and behave like a modern energist and that gave my work and my life a new approach. I had read before (but never fully grasped the meaning): Energy Healing for Animals happens as a result of 3 things: Love,... Read Full Review

Bettina Stahl, EHA Graduate

Sharon Wenner,
Professional Energy Healer For Animals

  Energy Healing For Animals was so much more than I was expecting.  

Energy Healing For Animals was so much more than I was expecting. This course was well laid out and structured well. From the introduction, each module built on the next so that I could learn and understand each piece before proceeding to the next.
There were several aspects to the healing that I hadn’t even considered and was thankful to have them discussed in this course. As well, useful topics included pricing your services, marketing and presenting yourself to the client/owner.
This was a well-rounded course that covered not only the specific healing modality but also additional tools to support the healing.

Sharon Wenner, Professional Energy Healer For Animals

Katarina Johnsson, EHA Graduate

  Profoundly life changing  

The Energy Healing for Animals Course has been in some ways a profoundly life changing course for me, as it has opened my eyes to the amazing world of energy that exists all around us. I now see the world in a new, different, and more hopeful way, as I know that there is always a remedy for everything that we perceive as wrong and ailing in the world; more energy!

I feel confident that I now have all the tools and skills I need to be able to help the animals I will meet in the future, that need my assistance in raising their energy levels to help them heal.

I am sincerely grateful to Silvia Hartmann for creating this truly amazing course, which contain deep knowledge and insights in modern Animal Energy Healing.

Katarina Johnsson, EHA Graduate

Erica Weed, EHA Graduate

Soon after I graduated as a veterinary classical homeopath and started my own homeopathy and animal communication practice, in early 2016, I felt something was missing.

During my search on the internet, I found the Guild of Energy’s website, and I was immediately drawn to the Energetic Healing for Animals course.

I thought EFT for animals would be a great addition to my “package” of healing modalities, so I decided to enrol.

However, I soon discovered the course had so much more to offer, besides “just” EFT – lots of other techniques that I can either offer on their own, or in addition to homeopathy and/or animal communication.

And who would have thought that I would be creating special energy potions for special animals?

Certainly not me, but I do… and with beautiful results, not only for the animals, but also for me. The fact that I indeed am able... Read Full Review

Erica Weed, EHA Graduate

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