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  I feel ready to work with different clients and support them using EFT. I feel in a much stronger position now compared to when I started the course even though I had done multiple courses on classical EFT, certifying as a practitioner and attending advanced practitioner courses. I feel having written about the different exercises has helped me review them more effectively and allowed me to see what I could do differently next time. Doing the course via distance learning has supported me in giving me more time to assimilate some of the different methodologies when working with a client. When doing day courses I was working on myself as well as trying to learn the methodology which meant that I was trying to wear 2 hats. This time I was able to practice for longer, with more people on the units I felt I wanted a deeper understanding or I felt I had missed something.

I loved the positive feedback and even when I was asked to repeat an exercise it was done with care and with suggestions for improvement. I feel that I really have a much deeper understanding of the human energy body and psychologies that affect it, and therefore enable me to support clients to evolve to high SUE Scale levels. Every single person I have worked with using EFT (who like tapping) have loved it and come back for more. Thank you for the evolution and for travelling on this wonderful journey with me. 

Nanouschka de Wilde

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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