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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course with Kelly Burch

Maryke Blom, South Africa

  Then there were the magical parts of the course that opened up a different world to me.  

Maryke Blom, South Africa

  At times the experiences were completely earth shattering which left me totally winded, which wasn't a bad thing because I got to grow from it and evolve my own pain. Then there were the magical parts of the course that opened up a different world to me, almost like going down the Rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland.

The power of this work still amazes me, I'm always still surprised when someone tells me this has saved their life or made such a huge difference to them, I'm always surprised to see people change so quickly in front of my eyes. I have learned that no person is alike, we are so different in every way I was taught that when stress occurs it will cause a lot of problems and is the cause for so many distorted experiences. The Energy Body is so powerful, maybe because we are actually vibrational beings. EFT has empowered me to make really tough choices, and it has given me to the tools to make the choices as well as the tools to support myself after I've made those choices. It keeps me calm through my troubles and helps me find clarity, it helps to make what I enjoy in life so much more powerful. When I pray I use EFT, it makes the prayers so powerful, it makes attracting things to me that I want so incredibly powerful. I think there is nothing impossible with EFT, only POSSIBLE. I am grateful to have learned this process and I hope to guide many people through the help of EFT to find their own Wonderlands, or their own heaven.

The course wasn't easy, because there was so much work that I had to do on myself but it was worth it. I come away a more aware person, a more powerful person a being with more capabilities and so much more to share. This is empowering on all Levels. I have managed to evolve my spiritual life, my relationships with everything and everyone around me. 

Maryke Blom, South Africa

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