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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course with Kelly Burch

Emanuele Soranzo, Distance Learning Student

  I am definitely glad I did and embraced this course fully and with open eyes.  

Emanuele Soranzo, Distance Learning Student

  I had a bit of reservation at the very beginning with some of the notions and the concept explored. This stemmed by the fact that I was trained by a different version of EFT and was to put everything I had learned to the side and concentrate on getting new information in, that overlapped and added more to what I knew.

Specifically I was intrigued by the energy movement and the evolution concepts. Everything is energy and blockages can cause a lot of issue and problems in the physical realm. Working with energy is easy, safer and more logical.

Also I liked the absence of the classic set-up phrase used in classic EFT as indeed can cause a lot of confusion to the client in term of identity.

The importance of de-stressing is also something I haven’t learn before and it’s so logical but often overlooked. When the client is calm and in peace problems can be explore in a logical, more sequential way and be treated accordingly.

There are many details and tips I picked from the course and would be to lengthy to explore and describe every single one of them in few paragraphs. I liked them all. Every module added to the previous to give all you need to be thorough and experienced in treating clients in different way and to get to evolution/resolution of any problem.

I also liked the concept of the EFTeam as when working with energy is both client and therapist that help shift energy through common intention and bring healing forward. It has been a real help in treating people during exercises.

I think the course is excellent value and a resource I will always refer to in my future career with EFT or any energy work.

It has been fun working with partners for exercises but also has been invaluable for myself in self discovery and healing what needed to be healed or changed.

Well, what more to say. I now have the right tools and I am ready to help others and learn more from each and every client. 

Emanuele Soranzo, Distance Learning Student

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