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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course with Kelly Burch

Kerrie Womersley, Distance Learning Student

  I have absolutely loved this course.  

Kerrie Womersley, Distance Learning Student

  It has been a priceless journey in self-discovery and personal development, and has completely changed the way I view myself, my past and future, my relationships, turning points, and all the significant events of my life. As a result of the many practical exercises involved, I have been able to evolve a great deal of my own ‘stuck’ energy and this, in turn, has led to many new insights and more empowering thoughts and behaviours.

I have been challenged to think about, and feel into at a soul level, what it really means to be human – and as a result, I now understand thought, emotion and energy in new, expanded and exciting ways!

Finally, I have to say that the presentation of this course, and the way it is ‘evaluated’, is the most refreshingly heartfelt and honest methodology of any course I’ve ever come across, and that in itself, has taught me so much about keeping it real, being authentically human, and not being afraid to bring energy and emotional healing into the mainstream.

Thank you so much to Silvia and Kelly. 2014 has been a very important year for me, in terms of my personal evolution, and doing this course has played a significant role. I am so grateful to the two of you for your truly transformational and inspiring work! 

Kerrie Womersley, Distance Learning Student

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