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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course with Kelly Burch

Pauline Anderson, Distance Learning Student

  I have loved this course.  

Pauline Anderson, Distance Learning Student

  I have found it deceptively comprehensive - deceptive because Silvia has a way of writing that is so open and expansive that it feels very light and easy. However, there is a tremendous amount in it and working through it takes time, thought and commitment. I've been delighted with that. I was quite sceptical of doing a distance learning course and felt concerned about the quality, but I needn't have worried.

Despite having used EFT and other energy approaches for 8 years, I have learned a huge amount from this course, both professionally and personally. It has taken my personal development to another level, helping me to evolve things that had been stuck for some time despite already tapping on them. Aspects, entities, autogenic realities.... I'm so in love with them. I feel that I've been part of an accelerated development program.

I have felt really supported by you Kelly. I always looked forward to reading her comments and responses. She has a way of just casually throwing out a couple of sound bytes that turn out to be really insightful and thought provoking. I enjoyed that very much.

This course is a beautifully choreographed dance of transformation. It gently flows into all the tender places, leaving behind the softness of possibility. I loved it. Thank you. 

Pauline Anderson, Distance Learning Student

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