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Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C.

  I absolutely feel completely aligned with calling myself an Energy EFT Master Practitioner  

Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C.

  My favourite experiences with this course overall were all the times I was able to share another way to use Energy EFT with someone and see them receive benefit. Some of the people I have done homework with have gone on to continue using EFT regularly on their own. One of the people continues to reduce her experience of pain by learning to work with her own energy though EFT. A family is now tapping together almost daily and continues to use the ‘mantra’ they created during our homework together … all of which they have reported is bringing them closer together.
I have enjoyed learning and practising all the creative ways to use Energy EFT and having the experience of completely replacing my old understanding of what EFT is and how to work with it. (Classic EFT). Silvia’s Energy EFT is so much more effective and enjoyable!
Many places along the course have resonated with my own path and the meeting place of love, energy, light … the Creative Order/”God”, etc.
I also have a great appreciation for all the work that goes into guiding all the student’s though this work in a way that meets the distance learning high bar.
I absolutely feel completely aligned with calling myself an Energy EFT Master Practitioner as I have put a very high level of energy and attention into this work … as have all those who have supported me to complete the homework. Watching those Energy EFT Master Practitioner 2012 DVDs and realizing that doing this in person over 3 days brings the same level of certification … really drives home the massive amount of work required to do this as distance work as compared to onsite. I know that all the extra work has given me a much deeper grasp of all these concepts and an increased level of confidence than attending a 3 day “drinking from a firehose” experience would have. Though doing this work in person with Silvia and connecting with other energists in this way would bring another level of benefit of course.
In addition, I feel very well equipped to now work with energy with my future clients and happily side step a vast amount of talking/conversation that had become outdated for myself and the clients.
I am grateful to be this close to being truly complete with my GoE energy homework. It is time. 

Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C.

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