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Energy EFT Master Practitioner DLC - Changed My Life

Tony Leake, Nottinghamshire, UK

  As I come to the end of this course I have moved from someone who didn't know what energy work was to someone who now feels inside that they have really reached the level of Master Practitioner. I feel very proud of that.  

Tony Leake, Nottinghamshire, UK

  About 8 months ago, before I began this course I wrote an email to a friend. In it I described how I had been feeling there were a lot of things holding me back. I had been playing with classic EFT for a while and was getting very mixed results with it. On this particular day something had changed and I had had a very strong feeling that I had not experienced before, I described it as a feeling of a lot of goose bumps on the inside that were moving around very rapidly, like being massaged on the inside. It felt like a very spiritual experience for me and I asked the question am I becoming religious which was a very alien concept to me. What I did not realize is that I had just had my first healing event. I didn't realize it for a long time because the books I was reading about EFT didn't explain it, not even in Gary Craig's book. So I still felt that EFT was fairly random with
unpredictable results, or maybe it was me who was random.

I had planned write in this summary about all the fascinating concepts that I had learned and truly, there have been many. I had planned how learning about energy body stress had helped me understand see the logic in people a little more. Then how I was completely blown away by the unit on aspects, then once again by events, energetic relationships and the body protocol. It really has been like that, each unit has been a revelation for me and it would be easy for me to list them in turn. But all I would be doing is writing back to you a précis of the course.

What has really been the point of this for me is is a lot of the realizations that I have had along the way, the bits that are written between the lines and not in black and white. When my mind makes the connection between events, aspects and real things that have happened in my life, that's when so many things have begun to make sense. From very early on the course I was confused by the word structural and the way that it is used. It has taken me every one of the 12 units to understand it but I can now see how things have happened in my life the way that they have, I can see the predictability of it without losing the beauty of individuality.

Working with other people has changed my life too, seeing those same things in others learning to understand and connect with other people in a way that I have never done before and feeling how rewarding that can be. I can sum up the whole course simply with the words "everything makes more sense now".

The last 6 months have changed my life in more ways than that though, I have chosen to leave my previous career to pursue something that I would have never thought about before but had always wanted to do. I didn't always know that I was an energist, but I knew that in order to be fulfilled I needed to do something that made a difference. In those few months I have found it, not only that I have found that there wasn't anything holding me back. Its like a hot air balloon. It's waiting to soar into the sky, the only thing that is keeping it down on earth are a few ropes, and one by one as we cut the ropes the balloon climbs higher until we cut the final one and it is free to fly. People are the same, I feel very special and very honoured to be embarking on a path where I can help others to cut their ropes.

As I come to the end of this course I have moved from someone who didn't know what it energy work was to someone who now feels inside that they have really reached the level of Master Practitioner. I feel very proud of that.

Silvia, I would like to thank you sincerely for putting this material together and for your support and encouragement as I have worked through it. I very much look forward to finding out over the years what I have that I can give to the world of energy work. 

Tony Leake, Nottinghamshire, UK

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