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  My experience throughout this course has been one of empowerment through universal discovery, and by which I mean the discovery that we are all similar in our uniqueness and complexity as we each have so many aspects that present in any moment. This has given me the awareness that we can all connect with each other in any situation with compassion and an openness by recognizing this and to share an experience with that person that is unlike any you will have had before. In approaching life this way I believe we can fully receive the gifts of our interactions with others which are the opportunity to grow by recognizing what aspects are present and needing to be healed and working with them instead of acting out in moments of frustration or anger.

This is our world peace, taking responsibility for our own energy body and showing up with high energy flow in all of life so we have clarity and compassion always present. I am so happy that the information I have learned throughout this entire course has equipped me with the tools to help others achieve this. I feel so empowered moving forward from this course to share this with others and help them achieve the life they didn't believe possible as well as how it will allow them to free up their energy to contribute in the way they are designed to. This course has been packed with information and tools to build confidence with the information we learned and to fully integrate it into our work and also our lives.

This course has definitely added another dimension of understanding of the work I do and I am so excited to experience how this will evolve. I have used EFT alot throughout this course as I became aware of the energy body disturbances and this supported me in moving through the course work with clarity as I have had the blessing of experiencing the effects of the work we do first hand which has also given me a practical understanding of it. I have gained an even better understanding of how our energy body influences our lives and how to work with it. This course connected alot of dots about what I was experiencing and noticing in my own life and in working with others. It put the energy data into a logical language for me to explain it to others. It has been my autogenic reality:-)

I am so incredibly grateful for this course and all those involved in its delivery especially my beautiful tutor, Kelly:-) you have made this course so valuable to me in the understanding you gave me and the support you offer. Thankyou so much. 

Patti Higgins, Distance Learning Student

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