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Dalia ElGebaly, The first Arab EmoTrance Trainer!

  The trainee's could not believe that there is finally a technique that enables them having a control over themselves, their lives and their feelings and emotions. They began saying yes it is true, it is working, it is really effective!  

EMO Energy-in-Motion being an 'Emotional Remote Control' was one of the comments that was said by one of my trainees in my first EMO Energy-in-Motion Self-help workshop personal experience. For me, as the first Arab EMO Energy-in-Motion trainer, I didn't expect to have great feedback from the trainees about EMO Energy-in-Motion, although I had this great experience myself practising.
I thought that feeling the energy in their bodies will be something strange or may be unacceptable specially for those who know nothing about energy before, or the idea of healing is not there, or maybe it is the first time for them to attend any thing to do with personal development. The thing that I discovered is that it was easy for them to get it, and they began softening and flowing everything, like playing a game. Just as I did when I first learnt EMO Energy-in-Motion, they could not believe that there is finally a technique that... Read Full Review

Dalia ElGebaly, The first Arab EmoTrance Trainer!

Petra Groschupf, http://FlowingPower.de

  The result with the work of EmoTrance was my spirit painting!  

I am an Artist who creates paintings. One day I wanted to paint a new painting, but I didn't have any ideas for a new picture. So I got the great idea to use EMO Energy-in-Motion for this problem.
First I went into contact with the field of the pure awareness and I found a point in my body and in my thoughtfield. I let it soften and flow.

The next was the creative energy. I felt a shield around me and I let the energy flow through my body. Then I got the message to go into contact with my spiritual guiding. I let this energy flow through my body as well.

The next day I was working with a patient's body. Suddenly pictures came up and I observed the energy transformation. The result with the work of EMO Energy-in-Motion was my spirit painting. Now I get great ideas for my paintings and I know the way to get it them is EMO Energy-in-Motion. Now I do not think when I am... Read Full Review

Petra Groschupf, http://FlowingPower.de

Huggie, UK

  This time it was gone in a minute, much to the nurse's relief and the oohs and aahs of the onlookers!  

I have been in hospital with diabetes; so, as most hospitals do not approve of healing, I have not done any 'Hands-on' for months.

A senior nurse was flecked out over her desk with a violent headache.

I gave an energy healing (Quantum Touch) but soon I knew I was dealing with the most 'stuck' headache I had meet.

I thought: "Try shifting it with EMO Energy-in-Motion!"

"Where is it?"

"This small spot in both temples."

"It's only an energy. Where does it need to go?"

With intention, I asked it to shift out.

"Did it move?"

"Yes, about quarter inch!"

Back to the energy healing.

This time it was gone in a minute, much to the nurse's relief and the oohs and aahs of the onlookers!

After I posted this on the quantum touch... Read Full Review

Huggie, UK

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