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EMO Energy-in-Motion - Healing Works!


  I remember thinking "Healing works!!!! Finally, here is something that actually works".  


  In early spring of this year I finally allowed myself to look at the EMO Energy-in-Motion website (I had promised myself to stick with EFT and get really good at it rather than jump around like I usually do, but EMO Energy-in-Motion kept coming up so I finally accepted that there must be something there for me).

I was at the office, it was lunch time so everyone else was out of the office. I opened the website and clicked on the link to the 3 little exercises and did the Emotional Healing Exercise on a very persistent trauma memory – my mother trying to kill me when I was 3 years old by suffocating me with a pillow.

I had tried just about everything in the world to heal that with no luck but since I had just worked with an EFT practitioner on this, and the feeling was still in my throat, I thought I'd give it a shot.

And in 10 minutes, EMO Energy-in-Motion did what nothing else had ever been able to do before – it moved the trauma energy out of my throat and I felt it leaving me for the first time ever, and it has never returned.
I sat there in utter disbelief.

My hands were tingling like mad, I could really FEEL the energy as it moved through my hands and through my body. THIS is what I had always been looking for.

I remember thinking "Healing works!!!! Finally, here is something that actually works".

I always knew healing was possible – but had never found a technique that really delivered what was promised.

Now, I knew healing was real and possible.

This experience changed me profoundly from being a victim that could never heal to finally having found something that truly does heal even terrible, horrible memories like that. I've been a fan of EMO Energy-in-Motion ever since! 


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