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  Magic, Spells and potions, is reminding me of the beauty and joy of life. The magic which constantly surrounds each and everyone of us. This book is easy to read and connect with on many levels. a quote of mine is "Encouraging you to be the change you wish to see!" and this book does exactly that. Thank you. 

Jacqui Stevens, 2009

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Magic, Spells and Potions
EFT Self-Help Course

  A down to earth practical approach to Magic!  - Dr Markus Schulte, United Kingdom
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Nicola Quinn, Author

  StarFields has made magic light, fun & accessible to all!  - Nicola Quinn, Author
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  A Wonderful, Wonderful Book  - StarHawk
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  This is a bright, fresh, joyful and practical guide to magic, perfect for the 21st Century. When I first picked this book up I expected it to be full of spells, a recipe book for witches if you like. I could not have been more wrong...  - Sandra Roberts, Paradigm Shift Magazine
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  This book is easy to read and connect with on many levels.  - Jacqui Stevens, 2009
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  [Magic, Spells & Potions] is written in Dr. Hartmann's typical logical, step-by-step manner, with a touch of humor added in. I highly recommend it.  - Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer
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