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The Energized End State: NO MISTAKING IT!! WOW!


  NO MISTAKING IT!! WOW! My garden has become a shimmering, streaming, buzzing meld of energy  


  Hello everyone,

I just have to write because the experiences I am having with EMO Energy-in-Motion are fantastic and there no one around me who could possibly understand what it is Im trying to tell them.

I have been practicing EMO Energy-in-Motion as much as possible after reading "Oceans of Energy and doing Energy dancing.

At first I could not feel the Energized end state, but gosh when I did there was NO MISTAKING IT!! WOW!

My garden has become a shimmering, streaming, buzzing meld of energy. I have never felt so high from looking up into the trees and watching the leaves dance in sunlight against the blue behind them. The colours have become more vivid and simply delicious! Is that how a veteren of EMO Energy-in-Motion walks around feeling alot of the time? Is that what an enlightened person walks around feeling all the time?

Because of EMO Energy-in-Motion, my children are a joy to behold (even more so then before) and they are even somtimes charming when they are being badly behaved. Ive become more relaxed when dealing with them because any tantrums or scenes, dont seem so scarey!

Its still not really easy to trance a trantrum but Im already remembering to try. Ive been given hope and even though I have a long journey ahead, I now KNOW I can enjoy life on the way!

Thank You for this amazing tool!

Would anyone reccommend taking the practioners course as a way of self development or are the books and self practice enough to become proficient?

Thanks again, this is SO EXCITING!! :) 


Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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