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Energy Dancing by Margarita Foley


  Energy Dancing is just so natural and so freeing for all the systems of the body. It is as if the movement frees the pathways and the energy flows by itself.  


  I have had the most amazing time in the last few days using Energy Dancing 1 and 2. For myself I find
the energy just flows freely when I dance. I am doing it even when I am sitting, that is, I dance with all of me and that too, is very interesting.

I do Energy Dancing with ‘reluctant’ EMO Energy-in-Motionrs and because of the dance they find it easier to enter into doing ET. I can see Silvia’s point about being able to use any music. I feel she means that if I put on a piece of music and dance to it and an emotion comes up I can EMO Energy-in-Motion it too. Or I may decide a piece of music corresponds to my need of the moment so here too I can release and flow. It gives me great encouragement.

I also find that when I read the psalms or poetry or even the words of songs I want to dance with the feelings of the words. It brings out such a richness of feeling and leads me into something much bigger. So here is someone who is very much aware of the power of music both to evoke emotions and to help release them as we move to the music. I am so grateful for this and indeed I am amazed at the power that is released through the music, the rhythm and the flow that occurs naturally when I surrender to the movement. Although I may feel tired to begin with I feel so free and so energised afterwards.

Dance then wherever you may be…… know the joy of the Dance and be free!.

Margarita Foley 


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