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Energy Dancing: My Aura Rippled With Joy

Margreet Vink, The Netherlands

  Riversmooth felt just extremely soothing. I could really feel my aura ripple with joy.  

Margreet Vink, The Netherlands

  My second try on Energy Dancing - I did the whole CD now, and I'm still tingling.

I think I've never moved like this before.

And I guess that was the beauty of doing it alone in my living room. Although I think some passing people who took a look at my window, would have seen a woman dancing in trance. That distracted me a bit now and then, but it didn't stop me :-)

Now it did them all, and I must say that in the second track I called upon the oceans of energy to flow right through me. I saw it like all the colors that were on the conference manual from last April. It went really slowly in at the top of my head, and worked it's way down in a fashion I can only describe like the way lava flows if you see that on tv. Slowly and thick and it seemed to dissolve all kinds of stuck debris that gathered in my energysystem over the years. It was not easy going, but I felt intensely cleansed afterwards.

Beach Party and Triumph made me feel energized, loved and alive. With both of them I felt real pleasure and joy. And I confess that I bowed at the end of Thriumph!

Snakedance did make me do exotic movements with my hands, kind of the way those Idonesian women dance with there hands. I did it on both sides of my body, but also in front of me and behind me. It really helped me to soften and flow.

Then with Deep Soul I had my soul get in my body via the top of my hand, and I felt a whole lot of resistance when it entered my body. The first place was a known spot for me, at my throat, then it got stuck in my chest, in my stomach, in my belly and after it had passed through there, it moved pretty quickly to my arms and into my legs. I really felt my arms where shining and they helped me to get it better in my stomach.

Riversmooth felt just extremely soothing. I could really feel my aura ripple with joy. I don't know if aura's do that, but mine did. I really felt the difference between the tracks. But after almost every track I felt sorry that it had already finished. I could have gone on for longer ... 

Margreet Vink, The Netherlands

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