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Michaela Thiele

  A really new EFT book, and one which is considerably different to other books on the market.  

Michaela Thiele Germany

  Energy EFT - A MUST for everyone who works with EFT or wants to learn it for self help.

Tapping and EFT is getting more and more well known and more and more people use it daily and successfully.

Energy EFT is an expansion on Classic EFT, developed by Silvia Hartmann based on her long term experience.

Energy EFT is therefore more than Classic EFT as it includes influences from EMO Energy-in-Motion, Energy Psychology and a special form of Matrix Reimprinting.

A MUST for every EFT practitioner, but it is also suitable for beginners.

In Energy EFT we presuppose that everything which doesn't feel good (fear, stress, psychosomatic problems etc.) are caused by blockages in the energy body.

In order to relieve these blockages and allow the energy to flow, we are not only tapping with our physical fingers on our physical body, but with our "healing hands" on our energy body.

Try it out for yourself and you will notice how much more effectively it works!

Additionally, the (cushions around the) set up sentences are removed and are replaced by the Heart Healing position.

Therefore, the - often contorted - search for "the one" set up statement is resolved as one can simply focus on the feelings in the body and work with that instead.

With the classic EFT protocol it would sometimes happen that the client would feel a sense of emptiness once the problem had been removed. Quite a few clients did not like this feeling.

With the new Energy EFT this won't happen, because we don't stop tapping when the problem has gone to 0. Instead, we then switch into the "desired state," the opposite of the old problem, and continue to tap until one can really feel the energy flow and the desired state has been reached. For example, "I am afraid of flying" transforms into "Flying is wonderful and relaxing!" instead.

In this "treasure" you can find further inspiration and different aspects on topics from bad dreams, parents and children, learning to Zen states which you will find helpful - regardless of whether you are using this book for self help or with clients.

A really new EFT book, and one which is considerably different to other books on the market.

Unfortunately I can only give 5 stars as that's all I'm allowed but I give those five stars from the heart!

Michaela Thiele

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Original Review in German:

Energy EFT- ein MUSS für jeden, der mit EFT arbeitet oder es selbst anwenden und lernen möchte!, 23. Februar 2012
M. Thiede "www.die-Seele-befreien.de" (Verden) (REAL NAME)

Rezension bezieht sich auf: Energy EFT: Energize Your Life From -10 to +10 With The Essential Next Generation A-Z Field Guide To Self-Help EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (Taschenbuch)

"Klopfen" und EFT wird immer bekannter und mehr und mehr Menschen wenden es täglich erfolgreich an.

Energy EFT ist eine Erweiterung des ursprünglichen EFT, die Silvia Hartmann aus ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung entwickelt hat.

Eigentlich ist es auch mehr als EFT - es ist eine Mischung aus dem klassischen EFT mit Einflüssen aus EMO Energy-in-Motion, Energy Psychology und einer speziellen Form von Matrix Reimprinting.

Ein MUSS für jeden EFT Practitioner, aber genauso ist es aber auch für Anfänger geeignet.

Bei Energy EFT gehen wir davon aus, dass alles, was sich nicht gut anfühlt (Ängste, Stress, psychosomatische Beschwerden,...) durch Blockaden im Energiekörper verursacht wird.

Um diese Blockaden zu lösen und die Energie wieder zum fließen zu bringen klopfen wir nicht nur mit unseren physischen Händen an unserem physischen Körper, sondern gleichzeitig auch mit unseren Energiehänden an unserem Energiekörper.
Probieren Sie es aus und Sie werden feststellen, wie viel besser es wirkt!

Zudem wurden die Set-Up Sätze weggelassen, bzw. durch eine bestimmte Handhaltung (Herzheilung) ersetzt.

Somit fällt das - manchmal verkrampfte - suchen nach "dem" Set-up Satz weg, weil man sich z.B. einfach auf die Reaktionen im Körper konzentriert und mit diesen arbeitet.

Mit dem klassischen EFT Protokoll kam es schon mal vor, dass der Klient sich - nachdem das Problem verschwunden war - komisch fühlte, weil er eine Leere verspürte, die an Stelle des Problems trat.
Manch ein Klient fühlte sich nicht wohl damit.

Mit dem neuen Energy EFT wird das wohl nicht passieren, denn man hört nicht zu klopfen auf wenn das Problem gelöst und bei 0 ist, sondern überlegt sich, die wie der Wunschzustand wäre - quasi das Gegenteil des Problems - und klopft so lange, bis man die Energie deutlich fließen spürt und den Wunschzustand erreicht hat.
So kann sich z.B. "ich habe Flugangst" in "Fliegen ist wunderschön und entspannend" verwandeln.

In diesem "Schatz" finden Sie zu jeden Thema von A wie Alpträume über E wie Eltern und L wie lernen zu Z wie Zen weitere Anregungen und Aspekte, die für Sie hilfreich sein werden - egal, ob Sie das Buch als Selbsthilfebuch nutzen oder mit Klienten arbeiten.

Ein wirklich neues EFT Buch, dass sich deutlich von den bisherigen auf dem Markt unterscheidet.

Leider kann ich nur 5 Sterne vergeben, denn mehr stehen ja nicht zur Verfügung - aber die aus ganzem Herzen! 

Michaela Thiele Germany

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EFT Self-Help Course
Edeltraud Grace, Virtuosity, Mount Eliza, Australia

  Gary Graig told us that we are on the ground floor of a healing high rise, with Silvia Hartmann's EFT Energy book we are moving up to the second floor.  - Edeltraud Grace, Virtuosity, Mount Eliza, Australia
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Caroline Flynn

  I would highly recommend this book to any EFT practitioner as Silvia's knowledge on the subject surpasses many others in this field of healing  - Caroline Flynn
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Chaya Hernandez, U.S.A.

  Energy EFT is a great prize for all those seeking to heal themselves and/or others with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this book to.  - Chaya Hernandez, U.S.A.
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Elaine, United States

  I have spent a couple of hours working with the storybook protocol and have found it to be very powerful and effective  - Elaine, United States
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Gonini, United Kingdom

  The SUE Scale bookmark is brilliant, as it is concise and laminated, so very durable. It is very visual and has all the information on there for quick reference. You can carry it with you in bag, briefcase, your car or use it as a bookmark in any book.  - Gonini, United Kingdom
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  Dr Hartmann's compassionate, straight from-the-heart, honest, and clear writing makes [Energy EFT] a must have for everyone!  - Kelly Burch, Australia
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Michaela Thiele Germany

  A really new EFT book, and one which is considerably different to other books on the market.  - Michaela Thiele Germany
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Sam Atherton

  I am very excited about this new EFT book - it confirms what I have been thinking for a long time, that it is not enough to simply tap negative emotions away. This book is an excellent new EFT resource and very inspiring.  - Sam Atherton
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Patriq Dusaint

  Often, I am asked for a recommendation of a book on EFT and now, this will be the one!  - Patriq Dusaint
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Patriq, Amazon.com

  I have always been challenged in recommending a book on EFT to people so they could use it on their own. Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann is the one I will now recommend.  - Patriq, Amazon.com
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  I have more excitement about the possibilities for using EFT than ever before.  - Hal Weiss, Amazon USA Customer
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Steve Wornoff United States

  This is such a logical evolution of EFT that I'm surprised that it hasn't been developed before  - Steve Wornoff United States
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  What a great inspirational read from an inspirational gifted lady – Thank you Silvia  - Aisling Killoran, Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin
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  Energy EFT - Really well written, very understandable and I wish that this book had existed when I first explored the world of energy psychology! And I'm also glad that you now have the book in kindle format so I can bring it along on my kindle.  - Sue Tanida, USA
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Mary Hirose Author

  ENERGY EFT - An amazing, complete, thorough, and easy to read reference guide that I will enjoy returning to, again and again. My most hearty applause to Dr. Hartmann, Thank you!  - Mary Hirose Author
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  [Energy EFT] is so interesting that I'm reading it for the second time, and I will read it as many times as I can, in order to nail every word into my head.  - Salvador Chavez Glez, Mexico
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  The one EFT variant I've found to be different is Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT because of its use of a -10 to +10 scale. Now when I do other variants I keep thinking 'where's the other half?!'  - Blaine Wright, from the GoE's MET Forum
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  A must read book fo all EFT users. Great content and a new slant on the EFT protocol. I highly recommend this book.  -
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  My energy soared and helped me feel much more at ease in teaching!  - Rev. Susan Pharis, USA
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 Emotional Buzz Newsletter

  Energy EFT represents the next generation of EFT as modern energy work. Using EFT with energy in mind, Energy EFT presents faster, more focused, more logical EFT self-help treatments that enable you to go much further into the realms of empowerment.  - Emotional Buzz Newsletter
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