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Energy EFT for Teenagers

Susan Browne, GoE Energy Trainer

  Thank you for this book!  

Susan Browne, GoE Energy Trainer

  At last, an Energy Tapping book tailor made for teens (and parents and teachers) to guide in how to use Energy EFT to help with bullying, self esteem, anger, sadness, peer pressure and a multitude of other challenges, as well as to help them achieve their goals. I found this book easy to read, and very inspiring as a parent of teens and EFT practitioner and trainer.

This is very easy to follow and the young person can change the words as needed, and soon find their energy levels rising and feeling much better. Paula as a mother of three, and two girls on the autistic spectrum has created this book as an answer to many of the questions she asked herself along her journey as a mother. To me this is what makes it so powerful.

I have found it a gift to have this book to hand, as a mother of three including two teenage boys. It is very reassuring and Paula's suggested tapping scripts get you started if you don't know where to begin when applying Energy EFT yourself or with your teen if you are the parent. Sometimes if you are stressed out, (even as an energist!!) you might falter as to what words to use. Having Paula's guidance has been a great help to me and my sons, thank you. 

Susan Browne, GoE Energy Trainer

Energy EFT For Teenagers
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