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Glenn Turner

  I would unhesitatingly recommend this course.  

Glenn Turner

  I think it is the best EFT introduction course I have seen by far because it comes at the subject from the perspective from which the power of EFT comes from; Energy. I would recommend the foundations course to everyone whether they had heard of EFT or tapping or not, but especially so if they have been doing EFT of one kind or another that is removed from the energy model of working with tapping. I have been an energy flag waving EFTer for a long time, but have often experienced some difficulty convincing tappers of the power and effectiveness of the most basic aspects of Energy EFT (things like de-stressing and the SUE Vs SUD scale for example). Now there is a course available that will introduce them, in a structured way, to how “Energists” do things. I think “EEFTF” provides a simple and effective way of helping tappers get out of the almost exclusive intention many from a more “Classic” persuasion have of focusing on solving problems & eliminating pain with tapping, while forgetting (not knowing) where the solution & “pain free” lives.

As for others who have no tapping experience but have heard of it and would like to try it, I feel this course offers a safe and enjoyably effective way to self help with tapping. In my experience there is not much “fun” in working from a more classic EFT angle, as all the focus is on the negative stuff and how we need to release it in order to move on. While it’s possible to do this on our own it’s not for the feint hearted. For me the great thing about EEFTF is that everyone can use it all the time to feel better. If they do nothing more than that with it, their lives will be changed.

I really like the concept of self help, and have always considered the real power of EFT to be in using it as a moment to moment management tool of our state of being rather than something we use to attempt to wipe our slates clean before we can move forward with our lives. I think in the foundations course there are so many simple and easy to apply techniques, that won’t fail to raise our energy and improve our state of being right now. And for me there is no doubt that the power of EFT has always been about energy and much less so psychology and I believe the content and structure of the foundations course is a wonderful introduction to energy work and the essential and often totally forgotten, or ignored, role energy has in effective EFT.

I think using thinking with EFT to change how we think when we are on the negative side of the SUE scale, or when we don’t even have a SUE scale and are limited to working with a SUD scale, is definitely doing it the hard way. The paradigm shift that is Energy EFT and the way it is introduced in the foundations course I feel will put everyone who invests some time into it on the right track, offering them a profoundly simple yet powerful way to manage how they are feeling whilst offering understanding and practice of the energy model and some familiarity with energy work in general. 

Glenn Turner

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