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Sarina Wheatman, UK

  I shall recommend you to everyone!  

Sarina Wheatman, UK

  I have known and worked with EFT since 2010, I love the practice and am always astounded at how well some people react to the therapy. On a personal note it has also worked to help me deal with a fear of public speaking which was crucial as I work in an industry that requires me to teach and give lectures! Mad to always feel panicked before and exhausted after. This doesn't happen any more and I am grateful for this small mercy.

My training with Barbara Saph was amazing, and what was so amazing to me was the more simple approach to energy work. I liked not having to construct the narrative in whatever was being tapped on. I liked the positive and negative or minus and plus aspect to deciding what was being felt. I adore tapping for more energy etc. Altogether I like the system very much. I wish to do more training in this and will attend the EFT Master course at some time in the near future.

Barbara is a calm and gentle teacher, it always helps to enjoy the teaching style. The day was over very quickly and we covered a lot of aspects of the training. I think in terms of value for money you cannot be beaten, to also be given membership to the guild and access to further studies and conferences is priceless.

Thank you very much, I shall recommend you to everyone! 

Sarina Wheatman, UK

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