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Evon Thornton, Distance Learning Graduate

  How do I begin this course changed my life! This whole course has transformed my life and so many practice clients.  

Evon Thornton, Distance Learning Graduate

  How do I begin this course changed my life! By taking this course I found I had never allowed myself to experience true joy. I don’t even know how to explain this except I have never been happier in my life. I had come a long way before this program but this was the missing piece!

Through this course I answered these questions and so much more:

- How do I get on the higher end of that scale every day when I’m feeling sad,
- How do I let go of anxiety in less than 2 minutes,
- How do I appreciate all the things in my life including things that are difficult and have them evolve into a total appreciation for having experienced them?
- How do I get back my creative imaginative side that I had let go of years ago and was strange to me? When it came back I was afraid of it! Now I get to have fun with being creative and allowing my imagination to soar in a playful way!
- How do I change beliefs that have been holding me back? I did not even realise I had those beliefs until this program.
- How do I let go of shame and honour who I am? By loving all my aspects and letting them know how amazing they are and thanking them for protecting me as a child. Now with this playful program, I can bring them up to the adult in me & no longer react to every single moment it is all a choice!

I didn’t even mention how impactful this program has been for all my practice clients and my paying clients.

I cannot thank Silvia Hartman enough for this amazing program or the help that Lorna Firth has provided as my amazing instructor. I especially want to thank Glen Turner for introducing me to GoE and our many conversations. 

Evon Thornton, Distance Learning Graduate

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