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Morris Leon Berg, Distance Learning Graduate

  This course can truly be described as life-changing.  

Morris Leon Berg, Distance Learning Graduate

  Taking this course was an adventure, and like any adventure, it contained surprises, times when I was not sure where I was going and times when I got back on track. Like travel does, it broadened the mind and also provided an opportunity to enter a different space in which I could let go of some long-standing issues.

I soon discovered that Energy EFT tapping was different from previous tapping experience. I felt more deeply and was aware of more. The more "streamlined" tapping round is not only easier but works better once you can recognise suitable setups. The understanding about emotions as energy was enlightening. The SUE scale and the importance of healing events gave my sessions a direction and a guide that was missing from previous therapies (though sometimes a high-energy state happened anyway and I didn't know what to call it).

As well as giving me an extra healing & coaching modality, the course made an incredible difference in my own energy state. I am aware that, thanks to immersion in Energy EFT, I am calmer, I worry, ruminate and overthink much less, and I generally feel much more positive and self-content. I sleep better too. This is remarkable considering that I was just emerging from several difficult years with life-changing events. I have a new enthusiasm for working with people using Energy EFT.

When I did the exercises on myself I made unexpected shifts and resolved some old and some recent and ongoing issues. Also, I experienced more positive energy surges than I had felt in a long time.

The course connected with a number of particular interests I already had as a therapist, especially working with metaphor and going into the client's inner world (working with habitats). I found these easy to work with and at various times was prompted by my intuition to find a key setup or question that would move the client forward. The need to always use the client's own words was also something I had learned elsewhere. So in a way this course was like "coming home". Energy EFT is unique in itself, but it made sense to me.

My exploration of metaphoric habitats in the Energy EFT exercise revealed a talent for developing scenarios that I could possibly adapt for writing children's stories, something that I had never before thought that I could do.

The main purpose of taking this course was to learn a better way to help others faster. I was fortunate to have some very aware people to practice with. Even so, the ease with which Energy EFT helped to heal some of the most traumatic incidents of their lives, leading to single-session "healing events," was astonishing, and I continue to receive messages of wholesome outcomes. I feel that these sessions are my "masterpieces" - but like any masterpiece, they needed the right tools (Energy EFT) and suitable materials (willing clients). I also did a lengthy session combining Energy EFT with another skill, Clean Language, which I did not write up for my homework as it was not a set exercise. This session led to a healing event and I proved to myself that the integration of the two methods worked well. In this way I anticipated being a qualified Master Practitioner and adopting my own style of working.

This course can truly be described as life-changing, in the most positive way. The end of the journey has come and this is just the beginning of a new journey to explore the further reaches of tapping and what it can do for clients and for my own development.

Finally, I must thank my distance learning tutor, Kelly Burch, for keeping me on track and for her helpful feedback, and Silvia Hartmann, for making this distance learning course available and for creating Energy EFT. 

Morris Leon Berg, Distance Learning Graduate

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