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Energy EFT Master Practitioner - Distance Learning Course

Fanny Parow Knill, Distance Learning Graduate

  Beautifully designed lectures, exercises, and an excellent tutor to follow you up.  

Fanny Parow Knill, Distance Learning Graduate

  I had a training in natural therapies and kinesiology at the outset, and was familiar with the energy body and working on an energetic level, and client work in this field, before I started this course. Even so, it feels like a whole new world has opened itself up for me, doing the GoE Master Practitioner course. I have a much clearer and deeper sense for the reality of the energetic field now.

My absolute favourite of the units is the 11th one, about autogenic realities. The model of understanding how energy mind translates information for the conscious mind, through the metaphors of the autogenic reality / sanctuary – was not only an eye opener, but a soul and -mind opener.

When I grasped the reality of this unit, I first thought: Wow! This is what it’s all about! Why didn’t I hear about this to start with? But the very next thought was an answer to this question: I wouldn’t have been able to integrate this properly in my mind, without the units that went before.

So, it’s a great example of how well this course is built up. – How the units build on each other, and takes you through a process. I also find that the assignments have been so very valuable and interesting. They are largely made up of little research projects, researching your own energetic reality – and other people’s – and your interaction with other people. There is no way you can just read up on something and “reel it off” for your tutor. You have to be involved on many levels.

I was a bit skeptical at the outset to do this as an online course. How can you possibly reach those life changing moments, that seem to me to be necessary for such subject matter, through contact via the net only? – Well, here’s how: With these beautifully designed lectures, exercises, and an excellent tutor to follow you up.

I am very indebted to my tutor, Kelly Burch, for her patience and insight and care, and to Silvia Hartmann for having made this wonderful course available. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you both! 

Fanny Parow Knill, Distance Learning Graduate

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