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Energy EFT Review by Kim R English, Energy EFT Master Practitioner

Kim R English
Energy EFT Master Practitioner

  Energy EFT gets quicker, more reliable results with half the effort of the [classic EFT]  

Kim R English Energy EFT Master Practitioner

  EFT is a great modality for releasing negative emotions about most any topic, issue or problem a person faces. But leave it to Silvia Hartmann to take an already effective, practical method and make it BETTER! REALLY BETTER!

Her earlier tomes, Adventures in EFT and Advanced Patterns of EFT, took the original tapping method out of the realm of rote scripts, restricted thinking, and predictable uses and propelled it into the practical world of dealing with human problems.

In those works, she showed how to think about and apply standard EFT to most any situation a practitioner would ever encounter. But now, with ENERGY EFT, Hartmann has taken EFT out of the awkwardly imposed, ill-fitting constraints of psychology and physiology and given Energy EFT its own rightful home in the Mind/Body/Spirit triad.

Hartmann is no shrinking violet when it comes to taking a method to its ultimate conclusion and finding out what does and doesn’t work about it. In Energy EFT, she has replaced fumbling set-up statements, irrational tapping points, and iffy results with a logical, elegant, simple re-defined approach that gets quicker, more reliable results with half the effort of the original.

Truly now, Energy EFT is moving up the healing high-rise. Using Energy EFT, anyone can know what it is to be an Energist. This book is a 5-Star! 

Kim R English Energy EFT Master Practitioner

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