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Energy EFT review by Steve Wornoff

Steve Wornoff
United States

  This is such a logical evolution of EFT that I'm surprised that it hasn't been developed before  

Steve Wornoff United States

  If I was going to ready only one book on EFT, this would be the one. The reason is because Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann takes EFT to the next logical conclusion. There are literally hundreds of different types and styles of EFT available. All of them good, all of them helpful. But none of them take you to that place that EFT should go to, the energized state.

I always felt that if I could just get rid of feeling "bad" about my problem that that would be great. But now to realize that I can go beyond feeling neutral to feeling energized is fantastic! Life shouldn't be about just being neutral but being energized! When I got the book and began to read it I was facing some problems at work. I was depressed and worried and frustrated. If I could have just got rid of the "bad" feeling I would have been happy. But to take EFT to the energized state, so that I could be excited and happy about work and actually looking forward to going was a miracle! The SUE (Subjective Units of Experience) scale is absolutely brilliant! Don't settle for just getting rid of your discomfort (SUD) go for the gusto and reach for joy and happiness.

This is such a logical evolution of EFT that I'm surprised that it hasn't been developed before. But we now have it! I always thought my goal in life was to just get rid of my problems. But now I see that it is to go on and become energized, happy and fulfilled. Change your life for the better! Read this book now! 

Steve Wornoff United States

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