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  I learned to think, feel and behave like a modern energist and that gave my work and my life a new approach.  

Bettina Stahl, EHA Graduate

  Before I signed up for the course I read some of the testimonials they were on the website and one hit me, the person who said, she had been working since many years already as a Energy healer for Animals and had done many courses before, but this one was more than different on anything that she had expected .... Wow, I thought to myself, that sounds definitely like something I want to try.

I did and I will never regret that I had done so.

My expectations lay more on the learning EFT for Animals side and the surprise was hug, that this was finally only a little chapter" - but instead, I learned a million other things, I had never expected, not even thought of it! I learned to think, feel and behave like a modern energist and that gave my work and my life a new approach. I had read before (but never fully grasped the meaning): Energy Healing for Animals happens as a result of 3 things: Love, Intention and managing your own energy. And now after the course I absolutely fully agree with that - and I am able to apply it myself! How wonderful! Thank you Silvia, for the fantastic work you share with us. Thank you Barbara for guiding me with little words and a sure hand, through this course and all the exercises. 

Bettina Stahl, EHA Graduate

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  I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful techniques and exercises that have already helped increase my sensitivity and understanding enormously.  - Senna Brown, Ireland
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  I've just finished Unit 3 and I just had to write and tell you that I am blown away by this course.  - Roseanne McLaughlin Colorado Student
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Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C.

  This course is a great way to help people get in touch with their innate healing abilities.  - Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C.
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  It is beautifully written and details the many problems our animals have to face, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in animals.  - Caroline Thomas
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  I feel that I have achieved a quality certification!  - Toni Porter, EHA Practitioner
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  I would give it 5 sparkly stars!  - Marie-Catherine Allen, EHA Graduate
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  The has been the most amazing, transformational course.  - Lucy McCormack, EHA Graduate
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  I absolutely loved the exercises  - Mary Hirose
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  Miraculous!  - Lori Bryson-Harbin, EHA Graduate
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  I learned to think, feel and behave like a modern energist and that gave my work and my life a new approach.  - Bettina Stahl, EHA Graduate
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  I feel prepared, I feel educated, and I am confident in my education and training.  - Andrea Babb, Course Graduate
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Sharon Wenner, Professional Energy Healer For Animals

  Energy Healing For Animals was so much more than I was expecting.  - Sharon Wenner, Professional Energy Healer For Animals
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  Profoundly life changing  - Katarina Johnsson, EHA Graduate
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