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Energy Healer for Animals

  I can wholeheartedly recommend this course for its detail; organisation; planned modules and in fact for all the things that make the energy courses stand out from competitors. But what other mode of healing will not only treat the Patient (the animal) but the client (the owner) and the healer (you). It is necessary to emphasise this is energy healing and thus must run alongside more conventional methods as in setting a fractured bone. But an energetically balanced animal and owner couple equals better healing, faster healing and improved results.

Despite my training in conventional healing modalities; the complementary healing methods have so much to recommend them , mixing and matching to create the perfect cure. And an energetically balanced body is essential; it might ostensibly fall into the complementary group but is a necessity in its own right. Energy healing has made great grounds due to Silvia Hartman in the past few decades; but the potential is infinite and it is really a case of "watch this space" for evolution is taking a new leap forward to our benefit. 

Sue Bellworthy, EHA Graduate

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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