Energy Healer for Animals

Mary Hirose

  I absolutely loved the exercises  

Mary Hirose

  Energy Healing For Animals Distance Learning Course offers profound growth for anyone with the desire to be more aware for the animals in their life, and that includes the human animals. Be prepared to find depths, discoveries, love and centring within yourself that you were not aware of before. The course tutor is a steady guiding force, in communication with you to make sure you can understand and assimilate each lesson, which builds upon the last.

It's exciting to open your email and find the tutor's responses, and next lesson, taking you even further into your understanding, and suggestions for using what you're learning. It is a special calling, this animal-human bond, and it is deeply part of everyone's soul, whether you're aware of it or not. I absolutely loved the exercises: the expanded explanations on animals, energy processes, effects on others, environment, what to offer, the business session to get you up and running, all of which go into great detail most thoroughly. Of course it would, with Silvia at the helm, and Barbara following closely in her footsteps... I am truly honoured to be certified through this course. 

Mary Hirose

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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