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  Soon after I graduated as a veterinary classical homeopath and started my own homeopathy and animal communication practice, in early 2016, I felt something was missing.

During my search on the internet, I found the Guild of Energy’s website, and I was immediately drawn to the Energetic Healing for Animals course.

I thought EFT for animals would be a great addition to my “package” of healing modalities, so I decided to enrol.

However, I soon discovered the course had so much more to offer, besides “just” EFT – lots of other techniques that I can either offer on their own, or in addition to homeopathy and/or animal communication.

And who would have thought that I would be creating special energy potions for special animals?

Certainly not me, but I do… and with beautiful results, not only for the animals, but also for me. The fact that I indeed am able to reach animals with my heartfelt intentions, has given my self- confidence an enormous boost.

Finally, I am using the gift that I think we all have, as human beings, but that so many of us seem to have forgotten: being able to really and truly connect with every other living being. Working with animals and their owners in creating an optimal life for them, feels like my mission and I consider myself a blessed human being, functioning as a bridge between humans and animals.

Because homeopathy, in fact, is an energetic healing method too, I can now offer a wide range of services, all of which can be considered “energetic healing modalities for animals”. 

Erica Weed, EHA Graduate

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