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Ilka Wandal, GoE Trainer

  Thank you Silvia, for this big gift of lightness and happiness.  

Ilka Wandal, GoE Trainer

  Again another masterpiece of Silvia Hartmann, that gives the perfect base for EnergyEFT and assures an easy and professional understanding of the topic, so that beginners and pros can focus on their own experience, which makes this course really special and unique to everybody in their own way.

The foundation course is leads powerfully into a deeper and complete understanding of what Energy EFT is all about, so that people who want to have better experiences are going to be satisfied with this "Happy Course".
The correlation between energy exchange and health is spot on and gives a perfect introduction for everybody who wants to go on to the EnergyEnergy EFT Master Practitioner course, to make it more easy and to give space to a better personal process, with lightness.

In Unit 1 the dedication for the real loving contact while tapping was my favourite. The hypnotic key for a loving touch makes it a special and important tool. The right magic in the set up shows how to raise energy in a gentle and powerful way. In Unit 2 the idea of being Energy Billionaires can be really life changing for people who understand it right, especially when the energy is low, we find the right magic how to raise energy again.
With all logic the EnergyEFT foundation course leads in Unit 3 from problems to solutions. The idea of solving problems and growing stronger, by releasing stress is a paradigmshift, and helps aspects to control problems with elegance. Unit 4 is focused on the use of EnergyEFT and inspires us to use its power and strength naturally with people. EnergyEFt is made for people and wants to be used by people.

with the EnergyEFT Foundation course Silvia Hartmann makes defenitive love and logic to one and the same. Thank you Silvia, for this big gift of lightness and happiness. 

Ilka Wandal, GoE Trainer

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