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Kelly Burch, GoE Trainer & Author

  Simple and accessible, as well as being a powerful  

Kelly Burch, GoE Trainer & Author

  I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to Trainers. It is a wonderful introduction to the joys of being energy aware, inviting people to taste from a smorgasbord of energy delights that surrounds each of us. It's a great beginning step to learning EFT without necessarily having to commit to becoming a practitioner or a professional in the method. EEFT's beauty is that it is simple and accessible, as well as being a powerful practitioner-level tool, and this is a doorway in to learning the simplicity and potential, inspiring confidence to USE it - after all, the most powerful techniques of all are the ones that we use! :) Lastly, I'd like to mention the colour manual. In tutoring and training Energy EFT Master Practitioner course, I have seen how gems of the course can be forgotten if not used, even if thoroughly enjoyed at the time. This manual, not overwhelming with text or wordiness is again another reason to love the course, as the participants have a wonderful reference book where the images instantly remind them of what was covered, just by flicking through, keeping the information fresh and accessible.

My favourite moments of the Energy EFT Foundation course would be related to the insistence of the coursework to slow me down and focus me on raising energy and keeping it simple. It is too easy to get lost in theory and thoughts, when it's actually more about the FEELING and the energy and the sensations. I loved the return to energy awareness even from unit 1, which is not my forte at all; I love to think and ponder and philosophise. :) With this course I felt inspired to get to know my energy body even better than I already thought I did. With that, it's another layer of energy awareness that's come to light - and from simple assignments! 

Kelly Burch, GoE Trainer & Author

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