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Denise Jacques, GoE Trainer

  It was emotional, powerful and very liberating.  

Denise Jacques, GoE Trainer

  I signed up for the EFT Foundation Course because of the implications for my being able to continue to teach ( I am an experienced practitioner/ trainer). When the manual arrived, however, I really resonated with its vibrancy, colour, clear presentation and sense of fun; read it immediately and found I was looking forward to completing the units despite being very busy at that time. I really enjoyed working through the units and getting to know the manual. It was powerful and up-lifting and made me realise that returning to 'basics' is a good thing for knowledge, understanding and appreciation of a therapy you have been involved in for some time. The basics in the manual aren't that basic as it happens: as with all energy work, it evolves and the explanations of the different energy states and how to work with them I think is the most accessible explanation I have had to-date. I've already used the manual as a resource in my practice and teaching and will continue to do so because it’s actually a great resource, everyone seems to love it and with energy work I think we all need to be trying new things to keep it exciting and successful.

I have very much enjoyed the experience, however, as well as re-affirming my knowledge and learning a great deal. I really like and appreciate the manual: its energy; vibrancy; sense of fun and accessibility. It is a resource I can and will use in so many ways. I particularly liked working with Animal Energy: the energy of the Hawk and the Unicorn were so different – one wild and free which made me feel like I was flying; the other magical and sparkly. I also loved working with colour and nature energy: I chose the Sunlit Sea and it was a beautiful experience and very real. It was very energising and good fun tapping with my friend in completing the exercise in this unit and tapping to the Heart of Gold: bringing a bit of sun and warmth into a dull, cold early March afternoon. The most healing experience was setting my past aspect free; the aspect who spent the last night in her empty house before the sale was finalised the following day. It was emotional, powerful and very liberating. 

Denise Jacques, GoE Trainer

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